Fall 2023 Eyewear

Explore the different types of eyewear that are perfect for Fall 2023

Eyewear is one of the more underrated parts of fashion. Choosing the right pair of glasses is a key part of your style and sense, often proving to be just as important as outfits and footwear. The sheer amount of choices on offer means the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work here.

However, thanks to the Internet, picking your next pair of glasses has never been easier. Researching about the latest eyewear trends goes a long way in making sure you are sporting the best and most suave glasses. For Fall 2023, eyewear trends are a mix of established and newer fads.

Here are the best of the bunch for the current season.

١. Bold Sunglasses | Alexander McQueen

True to the character of Alexander McQueen, these bold sunglasses epitomize power and refinement. The glossy acetate frames and smoke lenses make them a modern and eye-catching take on the Maison’s signature styles. They are available in black, yellow, white and maroon for Fall 2023. Shop here.

٢. O’Lock | Fendi

Inspired by the O’Lock statement jewellery designed by Delfina Delettrez Fendi, this line from Fendi is a looker. It boasts bold oversized acetate frames and a new functional tone-on-tone O’Lock logo that serves as a hinge. Shop here.

٣. Dynasty | Balenciaga

Balenciaga’s Dynasty line is known for being an ever-evolving collection that adapts to the fashion climate. For Fall 2023, it comes in new shapes and animations, while letting its iconic metallic, hollowed-out double-B logos take over each temple of a thick, glamorous frame. Shop here.

٤. Sporty Lens | Patou x Bollé

From an exclusive collaboration with performance eyewear experts Bollé comes these high-performance glasses. It comes with anti-reflection UV 400 lenses and an ultra-lightweight and adjustable frame with a mirror effect. Shop here.

٥. Shield Sunglasses | Prada

The look from Prada Symbole is a fitting representation of the shield trend, which is shaped to cover the eyes in the most effective manner. Shop here.

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