Dior celebrated their new ‘L’or de J’adore’ fragrance with a party in Dubai on September 13, 2023. They also paid tribute to Francis Kurkdjian, who is the brand’s Perfume Creation Director, at the event.

Source: Dior

The party took place at Studio 12, Dubai, and featured renowned singer Elyanna’s guest performance. The Arab musician electrified the stage and left the audience in awe with her mesmerizing talent. Nooriyah, an emerging Saudi DJ, was in charge of the night’s set, and delivered with an unwavering musical vibe.

In addition to the musicians, the guest list featured friends of the house. Notable names included Yasmine Sabri, Salma Abu Deif, Huda El Mufti, Rym Saidi, Valerie Abou Chacra, Zeyne Sajdi, Yara Mustafa, Andria Tayah, and Noor Taher. They were there to celebrate the latest fragrance and its stellar success.

‘L’or de J’Adore’ is a Dior introduction representing a sensual renewal, handled with humility, audacity, determination, and vision. The reinvented scent consists of spectacular concentration and radiant roundness. As such, it never fails to leave a full, noble trail that stays refreshing for a long time.

Source: Dior

Kurkdjian teamed up with digital artist Refik Anadol to evolve the fragrance. They did so using artificial intelligence, perpetuating the links that bring together the house of Dior and the artists involved. The fragrance was then translated into exquisite data paintings and sculptures. These were made discoverable through an immersive olfactory room, with the makers inviting guests to discover a creative profusion of J’Adore.

Visit the official page to know more about the fragrance.

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