Based on some AI-powered magazine cover shoots with publications such as Vogue Singapore and V Magazine, the world is at odds when it comes to AI and photography spaces. People wonder, does it kill the creative process or add to it? What’s next for creatives if a computer can generate anything you can imagine? For Charaf Tajer, creative director of Casablanca, using AI is similar to musical sampling. In a recent interview with Business of Fashion, Tajer shares how the AI concept was initially a joke that turned into a fully-fledged concept that can be appreciated. At first thought, it’s all computer generated. But if you come to think about it – specifically in the way the Casablanca is doing it – the computer wouldn’t have created such fine-tuned imagery if there wasn’t a full team of creatives behind it, including a photographer.

For ‘Futuro Optimisto,’ the brand has partnered with British photographer and AI artist Luke Nugent. Nugent’s AI editorials blend realism with a dream-like haze, incorporating both the real and imaginary realms. With advanced AI software, the creative process is layered, carefully integrating composition, environment, character and story.

Working closely with Tajer and a full creative team of stylists, assistants, photographers, set designers, art directors, and lighting, Nugent crafted a campaign highlighting the collection’s vibrant colour palette, optimistic attitude, and psychedelic space cowboy themes.

Although the images in the SS23 campaign are varied in character and depth, each one represents the beauty of nature and progressive technology – AI powered by emotion.

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Creative Direction: Charaf Tajer @charaftajer

Art Direction: Steve Grimes @steviegrimes & Sid Oudainia Beaulieu @sidoudainiabeaulieu 
Photography & AI generation: Luke Nugent @lukenugentstudio
Stylist: Helena Tejedor @helenatejedor
Retouching: Steve Grimes @steviegrimes

Rand Al-Hadethi is an art, culture, and fashion writer who approaches all her creative endeavours with a penchant for storytelling. She explores the intersection of fashion, culture, and society and sheds light on talent and cultural movements across the Middle East and the world. Rand also publishes a bi-monthly themed substack newsletter called WebWeaver™. To reach Rand, email her at or follow her on social media @rundoozz.