Begüm Khan’s take on Guerlain’s gift sets produces dazzling results

Guerlain, in association with Turkish jewellery brand Begüm Khan, announced a celebration of the Maison’s symbol, the bee. Strongly influenced by nature and the opulence of the East, Begüm Khan’s creations breathe life into a dreamlike world of special animals, crafted from luxurious and precious materials.

Source: Guerlain

Guerlain’s elegant gift sets, each uniquely adorned and inspired by the glittering world of the jeweller Begüm Khan, is luxury personified. Bees play a game of hide and seek, guiding us on a journey to discover these fantastical animals. Their magical flight breathes life into a fantasy world of nature, where the vegetation sparkles with lushness and tropical trees sit alongside snow-covered Christmas trees.

Treat your loved ones or indulge yourself with these carefully ready-to-offer Guerlain gift sets. They offer a chance to discover the Maison’s iconic perfumes.

١. The Exceptional Pieces

Guerlain Heritage continues to reinvent itself through extraordinary pieces crafted with artisanal expertise. Begüm Khan’s beloved bestiary is coming to Exceptional Pieces, showcasing the bee and the beetle. Following in their wake, the tiger, frog and tortoise complete this world of fantastical animals.

The designer has created two Exceptional Pieces beautifully enhancing the iconic Bee Bottle, which is celebrating its 170th anniversary this year: a masterful Métier d’Art piece decorated with a radiant beetle and an Exceptional Piece based on the bee for the Imagine Guerlain Christmas rendezvous.

٢. THE BEE BOTTLE by Begüm Khan

Source: Guerlain

For this Métier D’art edition, Begüm Khan has created a piece of jewellery in 24-carat gold-plated bronze, paved set with 440 gems. The jewelled beetle sits majestically on the window of the one-litre Bee Bottle, surrounded by a myriad of crystals forming a rosette that dazzlingly marks the four cardinal points. Each adornment is hand-crafted in the artist’s Istanbul atelier and takes many hours to produce. 40 limited edition pieces are available worldwide.


Source: Guerlain

Five jewellery plates depicting the designer’s favourite animals are also available. The imperial bee, the royal beetle, the tortoise, the frog, and the tiger are all hand-crafted in Istanbul, meticulously paved with hundreds of gems in shimmering hues. 180 limited edition plates are available worldwide.


Source: Guerlain

For Rouge G, the artist has come up with a delicate and festive creation, with 280 hand-placed gems on each jewel, created in her atelier in Turkey. The case is carefully slipped into velvet leopard-effect suede in the colours of the collection and enhanced with a precious jewelled box enclosing three iconic Rouge G shades: the timeless, intense bluey-toned matte 880 Ruby Red, the satin finish, fresh and elegant 03 light rosewood and the rich, satin finish 214 Brick Red. 250 limited edition sets are available worldwide.

٥. IMAGINE Guerlain 2023 Millésime by Begüm Khan

For the 2023 Millésime, Begüm Khan depicted an imperial bee at the heart of a radiant golden flower, immortalising a fleeting moment at the heart of the House’s history. This decoration has been crafted in 24-carat gold-plated bronze in an eminently poetic, asymmetric design, complete with the bee sporting 37 sparkling hand-set paved gems. 4,515 limited edition pieces are available worldwide.

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