Whether your precious items in your closet got ruined or you got bored with an old sweater, it’s time to reconsider throwing them away. Golden Goose’s first Forward Store in Dubai is here to renovate your items regardless of where you bought them (yes, any store).

Embroidering old beige hoodies, repairing torn leather jackets, and even adding color to a pair of washed-out white sneakers are a few services the store offers. Guests at Forward Store can embark on a memorable sustainable journey with an artisanal flair centered on four pillars: Repair, Remake, Resell, and Recycle.

Courtesy of Golden Goose

Remake allows customers to create one-of-a-kind items in collaboration with the brand’s Dream Makers, picking from various ornaments and finishes to apply to their new or pre-owned products. Clients can choose distressing, embroidery, handwriting, and hand-painted sketches to create a truly unique item. Clients can also tie dye sneakers, apply foxing to the soles, and have airbrushed or tattooed messages and drawings.

In addition to Made to Measure suits, dresses, and leather jackets, The Forward Store also offers a Bespoke program for sneakers. Clients can customize their garments based on their choice of fit, material, lining, buttons, and final personalized touches. As for the sneakers, clients will work directly with the Cobbler to create a pair with limitless possibilities. The Golden Goose Forward Store has also installed two recycling baskets so visitors can dispose of old products they no longer need.

KHAMSA speaks to one of Golden Goose’s representatives on taking sustainability a step further.

How did the Golden Goose’s forward store come to life? What was the drive for creating a space as such?

The Forword Store was born with the ambition of giving new life to products, to those items that people cherish the most, so that they can continue collecting experiences and writing new stories with them. It’s about experiences, instants, memories that our lovers are willing to share with us and relish within their favorite products.

With the new Forward Store, we took the lead in the world of REPAIR, through the CALZOLERIA and the SARTORIA services, opening the first laboratories in which anyone can bring sneaker products and garments from any brand for services of cleaning and sanitization, repairs and replacements, restoration, and refurbishment, lengthening the product life cycle; hence, reducing the impact on the planet.

What change would you hope to see in consumer behaviour regarding clothing consumption sustainability? 

This concept is key to decrease over-consumption, which is still one of the main issues in the fashion world and drive of fast fashion brands, at the expense of the environment and human health. Only together we can develop the next steps of our responsible journey. Small actions which everyone can take to create a chain of positive changes, together. We were inspired by seeing our clients who have been collecting our products for many years, with the opening of the Forward Store we wanted to give them the chance to keep collecting memories with their ‘old’ products by giving them a longer life cycle, and we wanted to extend this opportunity to everyone with any product from any brand. 

Courtesy of Golden Goose

How would you define a sustainable and responsible fashion house? 

There are many different ways to be responsible. For us, it is crucial to create a brighter future for the next generations and make our change as tangible as possible. 

The Forward Agenda tackles some of the most pressing challenges facing the world, moving forward towards positive changes. We introduced our 10 clear-cut goals to meet by 2025: reducing our environmental impact by becoming carbon neutral, using responsible materials, tracing raw materials, and continuously improving social and environmental standards throughout the ‘supply consumer’, an evolution of the supply chain concept. Moreover, the Agenda encompasses dedicated awareness-raising initiatives aimed at fostering and enhancing diversity while promoting an inclusive culture and empowering local communities.

In 2022-2023, we have been launching a number of projects and initiatives guided by our 4 drivers: We innovate, We Craft, We Care, We Share. From the opening of the Forward Stores, to the co-action with YATAY, to the debut of the Golden TV – the brand’s innovative community-driven approach to social media, and to the opening of Fondamenta – its first craftsmanship academy, among many other projects. 

How do you wish for brands like golden goose to bring back artisanal craftsmanship into mainstream fashion during an age where fast fashion, unfortunately, reigns supreme?

For over twenty years, Golden Goose has been committed to promote its handmade and artisanal tradition and to support the people behind these magnificent crafts, from the artisans to the tailors, to small local artists, among many others. The co-action between the Golden Goose’s cobblers and the clients plays a key element to this mission. 

GenZ is already stepping up and moving away from fast fashion, prioritizing thrifting and small emerging brands over fast fashion, valuing handmade artisanal products and sustainable materials. 

The Golden Goose Forward Store is currently open at Mall of Emirates.

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