A love letter to the effortlessly cool quality that New York is known for, streetwear tycoon Heron Preston returns to New York Fashion Week with “Anything Goes!”, the tycoon’s third NYFW collection after three years. Designed specifically for NYC’s gritty, sweaty subway and noisy construction sites, the collection incorporates cross-cultural influences. Preston combines practical fashion and utility with a nod to classic streetwear and sustainable fabrics. One thing’s for sure, street chic, designed for the cool kids of NYC, is his thing.

As the models strut down the concrete floor vandalised with blue, orange, red, and white lines, almost resembling the confusing underground MTA maps, here are some of our favourite looks:

Look 7  

Credit: Vogue Runway

The collection gives Preston’s inherent ability to carefully construct a look to the vanguard, just like the construction sites he drew inspiration from. This collection owes its success to his deliberate styling – the exaggerated ski mask, the black leather gloves, the barbwire necklace, the rugged black denim skirt layered over the green jeans, and the “fuzzy wuzzy” (according to fashion critic Vanessa Friedman) green crossbody bag. Preston does a great job of making it work – even when it shouldn’t make sense, it just does.

Look 14 

Credit: Vogue Runway

A pair of sweatpants with striped button-downs and thin ties paired with neon green Nike AF1s. The pairing of sweatpants and button-downs is unusual, but Preston makes it feel relevant, comfortable, and feasible. Skateboarder Ishod Wair wore unconventionally styled clothing with a dynamic colour palette.

Look 18

Credit: Vogue Runway

Here’s another look with unmethodical styling, which you can wear at a club or just walking down the street. The transformer-like navy blue gloves look great with the black mesh underlay, distressed leather, and navy hoodie. But what makes this look so special are the beastly boots.

Look 30

Credit: Vogue Runway

Preston takes a sleek twist on chain link fencing found throughout the city in this chainmail sheath headwear. With the navy leather hues, opulent furs, and just the right amount of green, the model almost looks like a knight that just left a disco party. Who wouldn’t want to walk down the street looking like that?

Look 41 

Credit: Vogue Runway

He meant it when he called his collection “Anything Goes!” Preston takes a classic garment and transforms its essence into something entirely different, giving the suit a new meaning. Although Preston’s suit is still proportional and conventional in terms of its fit, the material is anything but. He cleverly constructed it with thin insulation fabric, making it both functional and fashionable. With a light spin on a suit, Preston pairs it with chunky black slides for an even more laid-back look.

Look 22

Credit: Vogue Runway

This look combines many streetwear elements, from the oversized ribbed puffer bolero to the dramatic ski mask and leather gloves. This look highlights the loosely constructed heeled booties wrapped in faux barbed wire, a nod to the city’s many materials.

Preston did not fail to tell a light-hearted tale of New York City’s hustle and bustle. Taking in materials any New Yorker would interact with daily, he made them cool, functional, sustainable, and fashionable. Which goes to show that “Anything Goes!”.
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