When it comes to discussing iconic bags that marked the fashion industry, it is impossible not to refer to the Fendi Baguette.

A few months ago in New York, Fendi celebrated the 25 years anniversary of its infamous “it” bag. For the occasion, designer guests such as Marc Jacobs and Sarah Jessica Parker, or the jewelry house Tiffany & Co collaborated with the Maison to introduce their design of the Baguette on the runway.

© Courtesy of Fendi
Sarah Jessica Parker at the Fendi NY show with the Sarah Jessica Parker X Fendi bag

Designed in the 90s’ by Silvia Venturini Fendi, the bag mimics how French women would carry their ‘baguette’ bread, in a stylish and nonchalant way around Paris. The silhouette of the bag gives a throw-on nature to the bag, making it practical and fashionable at the same time.

What is amazing about the Baguette is how different and original it is introduced each year, for each collection. Fendi always takes a creative stand with its star bag; playing around with colors, textures, and embroideries, composing with limitless creativity. And we want to get them all.

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