Karen Wazen Eyewear, the eponymous label founded by Karen Wazen, unveils an exquisite new collection, marking its 9th season. At its core, the release embraces the essence of identity, transformation, and self-expression. The campaign playfully takes individuals on a journey of self-discovery, encouraging them to embrace their versatile nature and venture into new styles.

The collection effortlessly merges classic and contemporary elements, beautifully showcased through an enchanting “Eye-Spy” scenography. Karen Wazen herself takes center stage, accompanied by three other characters adorned in the latest eyewear styles.

Courtesy of Karen Wazen Eyewear
Courtesy of Karen Wazen Eyewear

“This campaign holds a special place in my heart as it brings me back to the very reason I launched my eyewear line. It all began with a girl who used glasses as a shield, a means to boost her self-confidence. Over time, she discovered that she and her alter ego are one and the same. Today, they are an integral part of her identity and self-expression. This campaign serves as a reminder that you and the person within you are truly one; all you need is the desire to uncover it,” shares Karen Wazen.

Season nine introduces four cutting-edge designs, featuring stylish colorways tailored for vibrant and forward-thinking women. Each unique style epitomizes modernity and eccentricity, reflecting the brand’s versatility and functionality.

Hurry and get your pair of sunglasses for Summer via www.karenwazen.com, or select retailers.

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