A journey of continual exploration and reinvention.

Cartier, a name synonymous with timeless elegance and adventurous spirit, presents the stunning third chapter of its Le Voyage Recommencé high jewellery collection. This collection embodies the very essence of Cartier: a constant exploration and reinvention, pushing the boundaries of creative expression.

The designers and artisans at Cartier are on an endless adventure, always seeking fresh perspectives and inspiration. They travel the world, drawing influence from vibrant colours, captivating shapes, and diverse cultures. This constant exploration fuels their creativity, allowing them to push boundaries and discover new horizons in the world of jewellery design.

Source: Cartier

“Working with lines, volumes, colour palettes, inspiration from nature and world cultures….We explore so many territories to push the boundaries of creation and discover new horizons. Like a journey that is repeated over and over again, continually drawing on the inexhaustible sources of Cartier inspiration.”

– Jacqueline Karachi, Director of High Jewellery Creation at Cartier

Le Voyage Recommencé is not simply about replicating the world; it’s about embracing a spectrum of artistic expression. Each piece showcases a unique blend of styles, from lifelike details that capture the essence of nature to playful interpretations and captivating abstractions.

This chapter of the collection beautifully highlights Cartier’s fascination with the world and its diverse cultures. The pieces go beyond mere representation, offering a creative mix that ranges from hyperrealism to stylization and abstraction.

Le Voyage Recommencé Masterpieces

The collection boasts several breathtaking pieces, each a testament to Cartier’s exceptional craftsmanship and artistry:

Yfalos Necklace

Cartier’s Yfalos Necklace captures the awe-inspiring beauty of the sea. Two magnificent turquoise stones are its focal point – one a clear, sky blue, the other with earthy brown veins. These gems are surrounded by textured coral, sparkling emeralds, and beads of turquoise.

Panthère Confiante Necklace

A symbol of elegance and strength since 1914 gets a stunning makeover in the Panthère Confiante Necklace. This meticulously crafted piece features the panther in all its glory, gazing out over a breathtaking peridot gemstone. It’s a bold twist on Cartier’s classic colour palette, with incredible textures that make it feel almost alive.

Pileo Ring

A ring that captures the ocean’s magic. The Pileo Ring does just that, drawing inspiration from the spiky beauty of the sea urchin. A dazzling hexagonal diamond, like a hidden gem nestled within a seashell, takes centre stage. The ring’s structure mimics the sea urchin’s form, sparkling with both rose-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds. These create a mesmerizing texture, making the ring a dazzling and captivating masterpiece.

Spina Necklace

This necklace is a dance of diamonds and sapphires. Two dazzling cushion-cut diamonds and a mesmerizing sapphire, like a deep blue ocean, anchor the design. The necklace itself flows with incredible fluidity, almost like a luxurious fabric draped around the neck. And, in a touch of Cartier magic, it transforms into a magnificent tiara.

Lerro Necklace

The Lerro Necklace is a captivating melody of emeralds and light. Three octagonal Colombian emeralds, totalling over 5.62 carats, sing with a vibrant green hue. A luminous composition of diamonds surrounds the emeralds, creating a mesmerizing dance of light and movement. As light interacts with the necklace, it’s like a symphony comes alive, captivating all who see it.

Le Voyage Recommencé is a testament to Cartier’s enduring legacy of innovation, artistry, and responsible practices. It is a captivating journey through the world of beauty and inspiration, forever pushing the boundaries of creative expression. For more information, visit here.

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