KHAMSA chats to Marli’s founder on all things jewellery.

MARLI‘s minimal, magnetic aesthetic draws inspiration from the world’s most dynamic city and the amazing women who live in it. Handcrafted in 18K gold with brilliant-cut diamonds and touches of vivid colour from exquisite gemstones. MARLI pieces stand apart for their fluid lines, perfect material vocabulary and flawless reflective qualities.

Marli’s latest collection, called LIFE, is a veritable celebration of love and creation. Comprising of four exquisite 18K gold pieces, it amplifies the dualities that exist within life itself, while its kinetic qualities invite playful interaction from the wearer.

On the occasion of LIFE’s launch, KHAMSA talks to Maral Artinian, the founder of Marli, and quizzes her on a plethora of topics.

Courtesy of Marli NY

١. Can you tell me when and where your Marli New York journey began?

My journey began long before I founded Marli in 2014. Some of my earliest memories in life are from visiting my father’s jewellery store in Syria, which is where I fell in love with the artistry and thoughtful design behind fine jewellery. I was captivated, and eager to learn all there is to know about this beautiful craft, so I began visiting my uncle, a diamond dealer in Antwerp, to develop an expertise in precious stones and the trade at large.

For many years, I worked alongside my family to continue building the namesake business, but knew I wanted to create something that speaks to today’s generation of accomplished women who are looking to express their individuality. When the time came to launch Marli, I was living in New York City, which has become my home. From day one to today, ten years later, it remains a vibrant source of inspiration for each of Marli’s collections.

Courtesy of Marli NY

٢. How did your love for jewellery begin? What is your most precious memory about jewellery?

Born to a family that has, across generations, mastered the art of jewellery making, it almost feels as if I was destined for it. From such a young age, I was exposed to the family’s ateliers, where I absorbed remarkable creativity and a true passion for the craft, and subsequently developed my own. My fondest memories include taking that leap of faith to found Marli and seeing the brand’s inaugural collections transform from concept to reality. Today, each Marli woman I meet leaves an impression that drives me to continue creating for the empowered, confident women of our present-day world.

٣. Do you have a favourite piece – or a piece that means the most – in your collections? If you can’t choose one, what are your top three?

I’m in Marli morning, noon, and night; however my favourite piece changes with each new day. It may be
influenced by a memory, a mood or something I’m working on for future, in which case some of our iconic
pieces, such as those from the Cleo collection, serve as a kind of talisman. The true mark of what my jewellery means to me, is that I often find myself beginning the getting-ready process with my jewellery, and building the day’s or night’s look from there.

Courtesy of Marli NY

٤. How did New York City’s dynamic atmosphere influence your creative approach when designing LIFE?

New York never stops. The energy of the city is dynamic and exhilarating, driving change, growth, and inspiration. In 2020, we experienced a tremendous pause, which led me to reflect on what I value most in life and in New York. LIFE, above all, represents an extraordinary manifestation of flowing lines and dynamic movement, seamlessly balancing elements of delicacy and strength, whilst also embracing the interplay of vibrant colour and luminosity. The collection stands as a reflection of the eternal passage of time, with LIFE itself in perpetual motion.

Courtesy of Marli NY

٥. What piece would you choose to give to a woman who is a significant source of inspiration in your life, and to whom would you give it?

The piece I love to give is the one that marks a moment of confidence and accomplishment. The women of today inspire me, and when I’m connected with someone looking to express themselves with a piece of jewellery I created, I’m inspired to continue pushing my creativity to new heights.

٦. In honour of the collection’s theme of life, what would you say are your most valuable life lessons?

Practice gratitude and appreciate the present. When I look down and see my LIFE pieces, I’m reminded of the very thing that inspired them – appreciation for what is, and the promise of what’s to come.

Courtesy of Marli NY

٧. What’s your advice for someone considering jewellery as a career?

Bring yourself close to the art, whether that be through design, craftsmanship, stone selection, or anything else. Your knowledge must become synonymous with your thinking, dreaming and creativity. With that, you will strive for excellence while feeling the encouragement and support necessary to develop your own unique perspective. This is an essential component of success in this industry.

Maral Artinian is a designer and entrepreneur, hailing from a family whose history in fine jewellery goes back a century. Having lived in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, Maral was inevitably drawn to New York where, inspired by the incredible energy and the amazing women who create it, she founded MARLI. She leverages her deep industry knowledge and exceptional eye to create contemporary fine jewellery that uniquely captures New York’s magic and enables smart, accomplished women to express themselves.

For more information on the brand and their latest collection, visit here.

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