A new campaign featuring Kendall Jenner and Alton Mason.

Valérie Messika unveils her latest creation, Move Link, a collection that skillfully reimagines the iconic Move Uno designs. This exceptional assortment exudes an off-centre chain effect and carries the distinctive DNA of the Maison, elegantly pushing the boundaries of traditional jewellery design.

“For this collection, I wanted to revisit the trend Messika-style and create pieces with an assertive unisex design,” says Valérie Messika.

This visionary design venture plays with scale and motif repetition, birthing jewels that capture the spotlight with magnetism. Move Link flaunts XL hoops, on-trend chain bracelets exuding a rock ‘n’ roll edge, and chain necklaces radiating a liberated attitude. The brilliance of Move Link lies in its limitless combinatory potential, a siren call to all ages and genders.

Gold’s flat sections marry with meticulously set and paved brilliant diamonds, forging a collection for 2023 that breaks free from convention and defines style anew. These pieces exude an androgynous fusion of styles, challenging established norms. Available in bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings and crafted from yellow, white, and pink gold, Move Link embodies an unconventional attitude, a perfect fit for every age and gender.

With Move Link, Maison Messika unveils a daring urban-pop revelation that pushes the boundaries of elegance.

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