Jimmy Choo teams up with the French house on an iconic collection

Jimmy Choo has announced a partnership with Jean Paul Gaultier to collaborate on a footwear collection. This is a creative conversation between the two fashion houses, whose parallel legacies span multifaceted cultural mixes and an idiosyncratic ideology of glamorous rebellion.

The collection introduces a curated selection of timeless classics, seamlessly weaving together the elemental and enduring design elements synonymous with Gaultier, alongside the contemporary icons of Jimmy Choo. Trompe l’oeil, sensuality, rebellious elegance, and the artistry of haute couture – the unique vernaculars of Gaultier and Jimmy Choo converge to form a shared dialect.

Their mutual values, emphasizing empowerment, individuality, and the celebration of the strong, feminine silhouette, serve as the unifying force that inspires this collection. The outcome is a sumptuous fusion of two distinct heritages, two national identities, and two charismatic personalities. This collection unfolds as a narrative bridging two vibrant cities.

source: Jimmy Choo / Jean Paul Gaultier

Collaborating with Kylie Minogue for the campaign is a no-brainer; she is the epitome of an icon. She not only serves as a wellspring of inspiration and style but also resonates with the very audience the brand aims to captivate. Kylie’s enduring and profound connections with both Jean Paul Gaultier and Jimmy Choo uniquely position her as the perfect choice to embody this harmonious fusion of fashion. Over the years, she has graced numerous occasions in Gaultier’s custom ensembles, while Sandra Choi has been diligently crafting exclusive footwear for her for an astounding three decades.

“Jean Paul Gaultier is an icon – as a man, and as a brand. I have adored his work for as long as I can
remember, and he has inspired me my entire life in fashion. I was honoured and incredibly excited to be
able to reinterpret his legacy, the meaning of his work and his world, alongside Florence Tétier through
the lens of Jimmy Choo. What I found was a kindred spirit – both in Gaultier as a house, and in Florence as
a woman. We share outlooks and beliefs that we were able to translate to this collection, which celebrates
craft, the distinct DNA of both these beloved brands and – appropriately enough – the power and strength
of individuality.”

– Sandra Choi, Creative Director, Jimmy Choo
source: Jimmy Choo / Jean Paul Gaultier

There are transformative tattoos keyed into the buttery nappa leather over the knee boot. This is inspired by Gaultier’s groundbreaking ‘Les Tatouages’ collection, and it serves as a canvas for a reinterpretation of a recurrent motif of the House. It is perfectly finished as a finely crafted print across a duo of neutral tones. The art of illusion continues with the Jimmy Choo/Jean Paul Gaultier ‘Cuff Over the Knee Boot’, featuring a playful denim trompe l’oeil print.

The Jimmy Choo/Jean Paul Gaultier collection will be available in selected stores globally and online from October 18, 2023. For more information, visit here.

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