Exploring the Bond Between Humans, Horses, and Sustainable Fashion

Stella McCartney has unveiled its Fall/Winter 2023 campaign, showcasing none other than Kendall Jenner as its radiant star. Set against the beautiful backdrop of France’s Camargue Salt Flats and lensed by photographer Harley Weir, the campaign captures Jenner’s magnetic presence alongside the region’s iconic white ponies.

These majestic creatures, provided by the renowned horse whisperer and rescuer Jean-Francois Pignon, artfully connect the campaign to the thematic core of the collection, originally showcased at the prestigious Manège de L’École Militaire during Paris Fashion Week.

Courtesy of Stella McCartney

The essence of Winter 2023’s “Horse Power” theme resonates throughout both the collection’s elements and the campaign’s visual narrative. At its heart, the campaign delves into the profound and transformative relationship between humans and horses, drawing inspiration from Stella McCartney’s personal ties, artistic expressions, historical influences, and their contemporary interpretations.

Stella McCartney, the visionary behind the brand, explains:

“I was certain that this season’s embodiment of the Stella girl had to share my deep affection for horses. Kendall’s lifelong passion for equestrianism, akin to my own journey, coupled with her ranch ownership, made her the perfect choice. The ease with which she interacts with these gentle beings is evident, bringing to life the concept of ‘Horse Power’ through both fashion and imagery.”

Courtesy of Stella McCartney
Courtesy of Stella McCartney
Courtesy of Stella McCartney

This synchrony between Jenner and Pignon’s ponies brilliantly echoes the collection’s equestrian spirit. Details such as rope motifs reminiscent of bridle reins, quilted textures evoking horse blankets, and jacquard patterns inspired by the American Appaloosa breed, which Stella McCartney’s family once raised, form the collection’s artistic vocabulary. The forthcoming campaign’s second phase promises to delve even deeper into the profound emotional bonds shared between humans and horses.

The Winter 2023 collection is not only a celebration of style but a testament to sustainable innovation. Striking the perfect balance between luxury and ethics, the collection introduces groundbreaking materials such as vegan crocodile-effect Frayme and S-Wave bags crafted from apple waste. Notably, the collection features riding boots created using grape waste, while accessories crafted from fungi mycelium and the cruelty-free MIRUM® material—a plant-derived, plastic-free leather alternative—underscore the brand’s commitment to circularity and respect for nature.

Courtesy of Stella McCartney – Material shot – MIRUM®
Courtesy of Stella McCartney – Bag in cruelty-free MIRUM® material

A remarkable feat of conscious design, the ready-to-wear line incorporates a remarkable 92% sustainable materials, firmly establishing it as Stella McCartney’s most conscientious winter offering to date. The brand’s unwavering stance against using animal leather, fur, feathers, or exotic skins reiterates its dedication to ethical luxury.

Fashion enthusiasts can anticipate the global release of the collection, available at select boutiques, retailers, and online at stellamccartney.com starting from August 2023. This collection not only graces fashion enthusiasts but also elevates the symbiotic bond between humanity, equines, and the environment—a genuine ‘Horse Power’ in all its dimensions.

Franco-Lebanese luxury industry enthusiast, Aya Mechelany, writes features across all editorial pillars of KHAMSA. With the goal of finding contemporary & cool subjects from her own personal experience, as well as her passions and inspirations, Aya deep dives into various subjects to inspire and excite like-minded readers.