Milan Men's Fashion Week

The very best show spaces from Milan’s fashion history.

The Milan Men’s Fashion Week is set to take place from January 12 to January 16. It will be a true celebration of everything in the realm of men’s fashion, with multiple top brands and labels showcasing their best offerings.

Milan’s edition of the Men’s Fashion Week is a historic event, having taken place every year in grand fashion. Every year, the event has featured memorable, spectacular fashion spaces that have etched themselves into fashion folklore. To this day, some of them are fondly remembered and talked about.

KHAMSA presents six of the coolest runway venues of the past that lit up the city of Milan.

١. Fendi SS19

Source: Fendi

For their SS19 show, Fendi chose a neon-themed set, with a black runway and devil-inspired lights. They also went with laser cut squares on bombers and coats, which brought a welcome and stunning lightness to the show.

٢. Versace SS23

Source: Versace

Versace chose a floral setting for their SS23 campaign to a phenomenal reception. The green-purple dual tone blended perfectly with the plethora of outfits on the runway, offering a serene backdrop for a day of fashion.

٣. Zegna SS24

Source: Zegna

Zegna‘s stunning SS24 fashion show introduced an oasis in Milan, among 192 bales of raw linen that occupied a square in the centre of Milano on a backdrop of historic buildings. The show took place in broad daylight, further radiating the aesthetic of the dunes.

٤. Tombolini FW23

Source: Tombolini

Tombolini decided to traverse the vicinity of the next-door building for their FW23 show. The result was a clean, minimalistic runway that dwelled on the unexplored aesthetic of the ordinary.

٥. Gucci FW20

Source: Gucci

For FW20, Gucci offered their take on modern masculinity and how it has changed over time. The temporal transformation was symbolized by a voluminous mechanised pendulum in the middle of the room, while the rest of the set showcased various outfits showcasing themselves as time passed.

٦. Etro SS22

Source: Etro

Etro chose the abandoned tracks of Scalo Farini for revealing their SS22 collection. The railway backdrop mirrors the collection’s summertime vibe, nomadic nature and adventurous spirit.

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