As MFW approaches, we take a walk down memory lane.

١. Prada FW17

Prada MFW 2017

Prada and AMO went with simplicity as the core focus for their 2017 Fall/Winter show set at MFW. A continuous wooden partition divided the space into a series of consecutive sceneries. Along with wood, Prada utilized terrazzo, tiles and formica to give the entire set a very relatable vibe. The seating and tailor-made partitions provided each guest with a personalized, immersive experience.

٢. Gucci FW17

Gucci‘s 2017 Fall/Winter show at MFW was a surprise to many, with the brand doing a full 180 from the previous season. The radical shift towards outlandish sets and variety in the models and outfits was hailed by critics. Every outfit felt like an exclusive show, coming with their own decorated boxes for shoes, bags, and jewellery to repeatedly deliver the complete fashion statement.

٣. Moschino SS16

Moschino was expected to turn up in fine style at MFW 2016, but they blew everyone away with their show execution. With car-wash couture as the theme, there were all kinds of road objects on display, including an actual car wash that sprayed bubbles. The road ambience was completed with road signs directing attention to the models, whose outfits generated a similar kind of excitement.

٤. Versace SS20

Versace resurrected Jennifer Lopez’s Google Images-creating green dress for their MFW show in 2020. The set was prepared for a Google showcase, with the final act showing a montage of Google Image searches for the original dress. After a voice said, “Okay, Google, Now show me the real jungle dress,” JLo walked out to an electrifying reaction. Certainly a worthy sequel to a moment that is immortalized in fashion folklore.

٥. Bottega Veneta’s Summer 2023

Bottega Veneta‘s Creative Director, Matthieu Blazy, had the weight of the world on his shoulders following his stellar debut. He overdelivered at MFW 2020, with his idea completely redefining the concept of wardrobing. A site-specific installation that included a colourful, swirling poured resin floor, and 400 unique chairs with vibrant colours was chosen for the occasion. This set instantly drew praise for being one of the finest examples of recent times.