Our picks of the latest fragrances that recount emotions and identity.

Farewell to the era of searching for a single “signature scent.” Life unfolds as a rich mosaic woven with diverse experiences, and our olfactory journey should mirror that dynamism. Similar to fashion, fragrances possess that transformative ability, enabling us to reveal different facets of ourselves.

Here at KHAMSA, we’ve compiled an enticing selection of the latest fragrances, designed to accompany you on your year-long adventure of creating new memories. These captivating scents are more than just aromas; they’re invitations to embark on olfactory journeys, each leaving an indelible mark on your personal fragrance story. So, break free from the monotony and get ready to embrace the transformative power of scent!

١. Hermès – OUD ALEZAN

Source: Hermès

Hermès OUD ALEZAN is an olfactory masterpiece, a symphony born from the exceptional collaboration between Christine Nagel, the brilliant perfumer at Hermès, and a truly extraordinary oud. This fragrance is a poetic expression inspired by Nagel’s intimate and sensual memory of a chance encounter with a horse boasting a chestnut coat. This vivid recollection has been meticulously transformed into a captivating fragrance that transcends traditional gender boundaries, making it equally alluring for both men and women.

The composition skilfully marries the enveloping oud with a contrasting, impactful duo of roses, creating an addictive, powerful, and intimate experience that is among the very best in the world of fragrances. OUD ALEZAN encapsulates the essence of the equestrian world, bringing forth the authentic scent of heated muscles, the warm breath of the animal, and the earthy aroma of sawdust, all within a beautifully crafted fragrance.

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Source: CHANEL

LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL is a collection known for its exceptional quality and luxurious, one-of-a-kind fragrances crafted with the finest materials. The latest addition to this esteemed collection is COMÈTE, a fragrance that embodies optimism and celestial wonder. Its name evokes a sense of mystery and elegance, hinting at the fragrance’s unique composition within the CHANEL universe.

COMÈTE unfolds as an intensely floral and luminous fragrance, exploring a new olfactory territory within LES EXCLUSIFS DE CHANEL. Freshness meets delicacy with the opening notes of a captivating cherry blossom accord, transitioning seamlessly into a luminous aura infused with heliotrope. These elements blend into a cloud of iris extract and a sensual musk accord, enveloping the skin with an elusive magnetism.


Source: Loewe

Mushroom and Roasted Hazelnut are two vibrant fragrances added to the LOEWE Home Scents collection. Designed by creative director Jonathan Anderson in collaboration with perfumier Nuria Cruelles, these fragrances join the 12-fragrance collection inspired by the authentic essences of a vegetable garden.

LOEWE Home Scents Mushroom is inspired by the alluring scent of the edible Portobello mushroom. Infused with earthy notes, it mirrors the unique olfactory experience of fresh mushrooms, expanding the boundaries of the LOEWE Home Scents collection to explore the vast wonders of the natural world. On the other hand, LOEWE Home Scents Roasted Hazelnut draws inspiration from the unique aroma of roasted hazelnuts, offering a woody, nutty, and rich fragrance with spicy and smoky undertones. Unfolding to reveal sweet notes of brown sugar, this Hazelnut fragrance evokes nostalgic culinary connotations, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

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٤. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Over Red

Source Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent unveiled Black Opium Eau de Parfum Over Red, a seductive fragrance capturing the sensory journey of the Black Opium heroine in a subversive and colourful realm. The iconic bottle, adorned in hypnotic red, pays homage to the legendary Opium perfume’s deep red casing, creating a talismanic symbol for an irresistibly revolutionary and hypnotic experience.

This daring olfactory exploration features the Coffee Floral accord of Black Opium, now enriched with a distinctive Cherry Accord, offering a fruity and gourmand allure. The fragrance unfolds with notes of Cherry Accord, Mandarin Essence, Jasmine Flower, Orange Blossom Absolute, Black Tea, Coffee, Patchouli Heart, and Vanilla.

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٥. DIOR – Miss Dior 2024

Source: Dior

Miss Dior 2024, envisioned by Francis Kurkdjian, stands as a testament to a rich legacy of fragrances. Dubbed Christian Dior’s ‘only child,’ it gracefully evolves, maintaining its youthful charm and recognizable radiance, capturing the spirit of Provencal evenings where jasmine weaves its harmony with the nocturnal melody.

The new Miss Dior emerges as an immediate and irresistible pleasure. This floral and gourmand masterpiece, crafted around the delectable fruity tones of jasmine reminiscent of 1947 extraction methods, offers a contemporary interpretation while remaining true to its heritage.

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