Keep your skin radiant with these pro tips from CHANEL’s Michel Kiwarkis

Winter is a time of cool breezes and relaxed dispositions. However, the cold could play tricks on the skin, triggering dryness and other such issues, especially when makeup is involved. It is important to take some small steps every day to glide through winter with no skin troubles whatsoever, while also looking as stunning as ever with your makeup on.

KHAMSA exclusively brings to you five expert winter makeup trips from Michel Kiwarkis, a makeup artist at CHANEL. Originally from Lebanon, Michel was inspired by beauty from a very young age. His mother was his first muse, as she has always had a natural beauty with a classy sense of simplicity. He later on moved to the United Arab Emirates to seek new opportunities, where he found the right work environment and the chance to work with big names in the fashion/music and film industry, top brands and publications, which took his professionalism and commitment to a higher level.

Source: CHANEL Middle East

For Michel, Arab women played a major part in defining the identity of his makeup artistry. His target is to avoid any type of exaggeration, in order to maintain the real facial characteristics in hand, as much as reflecting their individual beauty.

Michel Kiwarkis’ Tips

١. Always hydrate your skin before you apply your foundation
٢. Keep your lips hydrated and never wear a matte lipstick during winter
٣. Don’t overbake your face with powder and keep your foundation natural
٤. Add a touch of pink blush on your cheeks to give you a natural flush.
٥. Never sleep with your makeup on, and always take care of your skin.

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