KHAMSA chats with Ibrahim Al Baker about Lacoste’s Ramadan campaign.

Lacoste collaborated with four Middle Eastern talents for their ‘DO YOU SPEAK LACOSTE‘ Ramadan campaign. This special month is a time of reflection, spiritual renewal, and togetherness. To join the spirit, Lacoste launches its 2024 Ramadan Campaign, dedicated to celebrating the values of inclusivity, diversity, and unity that define this special time.

The campaign features a collaboration with four talents from the region: Mohammed Sultan, an artist, philanthropist, tastemaker, activist, and trendsetter; Abdulla Al Kaabi, a film director based in Dubai; Ibrahim Al Baker, a visual artist and Creative Director from Qatar; and Farah Assaad, a Creative Director from Kuwait. Each brings their unique perspective, reflecting the beauty of cultural exchange that flourishes during Ramadan.

Courtesy of Lacoste

KHAMSA talked to Ibrahim Al Baker and quizzed him on the Lacoste campaign.

١. How would you describe your association with the Lacoste brand as?

I’ve always admired Lacoste’s commitment to quality and timeless elegance, which resonates with my own values of balance and sophistication. My association with the brand is a harmonious blend of classic style and contemporary relevance, embodying the spirit of modern luxury.

٢. You are actively involved in the ‘Do You Speak Lacoste’ campaign. What message do you think it aims to spread among the community this Ramadan?

‘Do You Speak Lacoste’ is a beautiful initiative that aims to foster a sense of unity and belonging among the community during Ramadan. It’s about celebrating our diverse identities while embracing the universal language of style and grace that Lacoste represents.

٣. What steps are you and Lacoste taking to ensure the success of the campaign?

To ensure the success of the campaign, we are focusing on engaging storytelling, authentic representation, and meaningful interactions with the community. Collaborating with influential voices like KHAMSA and leveraging social media platforms will also play a crucial role in amplifying the campaign’s reach and impact.

٤. There are plenty of unique and exciting pieces in the Lacoste Ramadan collection. Which one would you pick out as your favourite?

It’s hard to choose just one, but I’m particularly drawn to the elegant jacket. It strikes a perfect balance between comfort and sophistication, making it ideal for both daytime and evening occasions during the Holy Month.

٥. Fashion is a multifaceted avenue, with one of its traits being a strong avenue for self-expression. As Ramadan approaches, how do you think it will lend people the power to express themselves during the Holy Month?

Ramadan is a time of reflection and celebration. Fashion during this period becomes a powerful tool for self-expression, allowing individuals to showcase their personal style while honouring cultural and religious traditions. The Lacoste Ramadan collection offers a versatile range of pieces that cater to diverse tastes and preferences, enabling people to express themselves confidently and respectfully.

٦. Is there a specific Ramadan tradition or value that holds significant meaning to you and influences your style choices?

One tradition that holds significant meaning to me is the gathering of family and friends for Iftar. This sense of community and togetherness influences my style choices, as I opt for outfits that are elegant yet comfortable, allowing me to move seamlessly from daytime fasting to evening festivities.

٧. Lastly, how important do you think it is for fashion brands to actively engage with cultural events like Ramadan?

It’s crucial for fashion brands to engage with cultural events like Ramadan, as it demonstrates respect and appreciation for diverse traditions and values. By actively participating in such events, brands can build deeper connections with their audience, promote inclusivity, and enrich their brand identity with cultural relevance.

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