Shamsa Alabbar

KHAMSA chats to Fine Arts Jewellery’s Shamsa Alabbar

Shamsa Alabbar is the founder of Fine Arts Jewellery (@byfinearts on Instagram), a multi-brand, high-end fine jewellery boutique. Fine Arts Jewellery showcases a hand-picked collection of treasures from renowned international brands celebrated for their exceptional craftsmanship, enduring designs, and commitment to ethical sourcing, including esteemed jewellers such as AS29, Mellerio, Rouvenat, Selim Mouzannar, Shamsa Alabbar, Vever, and Viltier.

Shamsa’s vision is guided by the creative ethos that guides the multi-end fine jewellery boutique and the creative ethos that guides it. It is a contemporary space, tailored for the eclectic, unapologetically bold, and those who yearn for a forward-thinking design that honours classical style. 

KHAMSA talked to Shamsa and quizzed her on her work and her area of expertise.

Source: Shamsa / Fine Arts Jewellery

١. Could you tell us about your journey into the world of jewellery and the beginnings of your association with Fine Arts Jewellery?

Source: Fine Arts Jewellery

My journey into the world of jewellery began with Shamsa Alabbar Jewellery, my personal collection, which recently celebrated its tenth anniversary. Originally conceived as a birthday gift for my best friend, it has evolved into something truly remarkable. Inspired by Arabic typography, the designs symbolize the strength and modernity of Arab women. Each meticulously crafted piece encapsulates our heritage in a contemporary, fashionable manner, serving as a proud reflection of my journey in the industry.

٢. The jewellery world is an eclectic mix of traditional and futuristic preferences. How does Fine Arts Jewellery handle both approaches to jewellery-making in the face of customer demands for them? 

Fine Arts Jewellery navigates the eclectic mix of traditional and futuristic preferences by exclusively offering a meticulously curated collection of brands aligned with our vision. Our inventory caters to both those seeking memorable gifts and individuals indulging themselves, with each piece exuding elegance and style for an unforgettable experience.

٣. What is Fine Arts Jewellery’s vision for the coming years?

Fine Arts Jewellery’s vision for the coming years is to grow and establish itself as a premier destination for the world’s most exquisite jewellery. We aim to become a trusted and renowned house, offering a curated selection of exceptional pieces to aficionados and collectors alike.

٤. Have you noticed any unique traits in this region’s demands and perceptions towards jewellery, as opposed to the rest of the world?

In our region, buyers exhibit unparalleled taste in jewellery, deeply rooted in tradition. Women aspire to uniqueness, seeking pieces with compelling stories behind them. They are natural trendsetters, shaping perceptions and preferences in the world of jewellery.

٥. Do you have any advice for aspiring jewellers?

To aspiring jewellers, I advise: infuse your craft with love and relish the journey. Enjoy every step of the process, as passion and dedication are the keys to success in this artistic realm.

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