A limited-edition collectible, anyone?

Level Shoes has commissioned KAMEH, a local design studio, to produce an exclusive collectible. This partnership will result in a product that prioritizes form and function in equal measure. The item in question is a white box that shoe owners can use to store their expensive footwear.

Source: Level Shoes

KAMEH debuted in 2022 and has been on an upward trajectory throughout. They aim to incorporate craftsmanship and complexity into original pieces. Their way is focusing on artistic flair and decoration in their creations, which is something Level Shoes is keen on.

The campaign with Level Shoes sees KAMEH offer a different take on the ideal white box. They have come up with a limited-edition collectible version that touches on themes related to nature and the human self. The box is crafted using multiple layers of materials that are likened to a human being’s existence. The metallic frame represents bones and the physical body, the plush foam inside mirrors human emotions, and the hard cement covering the overall structure is similar to the shield humans put around themselves to protect themselves from any negativity.

Source: Level Shoes

In addition to the new box, KAMEH’s latest work resides in the newly reopened Trends area inside the Level Shoes shop, located inside The Dubai Mall. This exclusive creation will be unveiled with an in-store showcase in Level Shoes Dubai Mall on September 15, 2023.

The Level Shoes x KAMEH collection will be available for purchase online on levelshoes.com. It is the perfect purchase for sneaker enthusiasts, giving their footwear the best storage possible.

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