Level Shoes commemorates World Friendship Day alongside Dubai-based visual artist and creative director, Creations of LA, along with his enthralling creative circle. The campaign exalts the richness of diverse cultures and the boundless power of friendship that knows no boundaries

World Friendship Day, or the International Day of Friendship, holds a profound purpose: to champion camaraderie and empathy among individuals from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and convictions. It beckons all to embrace the spirit of friendship, extending a hand to others unconditionally, transcending barriers of race, nationality, religion, or any other distinctions. This day serves as a powerful reminder of the pivotal role friendship plays in fostering global unity and understanding – which Level Shoes decided to celebrate, oh-so well this year.

Courtesy of Level Shoes
Courtesy of Level Shoes

In a captivating photographic collection named “A Group of Friends,” the creative visionary embarked on a journey to renowned locations throughout the Middle East and Europe, including the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, France, and Switzerland, to immortalize six gifted individuals and their remarkable narratives.

Celebrated for his inventive approach to photography, LA ingeniously employed cloning techniques, crafting breathtaking compositions that showcase surreal instances of the subjects in a singular frame, magnifying the dynamic interconnections and shared essence of friendship.

“I think creativity has existed in this region in waves throughout history and we’re now at a point where the middle east is re-emerging as a creative hub. There is so much culture and heritage here to begin with that for many years has gone untapped so its beautiful to see that creatives who are based here and those moving here stepping into their identities. I think what this region has done in recent years and continues to do to attract and accommodate the highest level of talent cant be understated for why so many of us call it home. Secondly, although the creative scene in the region is fast-growing, its still a tight knit community – where all of our creative contributions plays a major role in paving the way for this industry. This mindset is what brings a lot of us together and why we have a lot of respect for one another.

Creations of LA
Courtesy of Level Shoes

LA enthusiastically includes a circle of talents in this campaign, all of whom he deeply admires and considers as friends. The roster features Kuwaiti sneaker connoisseurs Del Ten and KicksTQ, Emirati content creators Twins Hadban, Saudi artist RexChouk, UAE-rooted DJ Mr Shef Codes, and Zurich-based photographer Ermias Tadesse.

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