Ignite the magic with a Lunar New Year capsule – an unmissable first-time rendezvous!

Following their successful 2019 partnership, the iconic brands, MCM and A BATHING APE® (BAPE®) have joined forces again to redefine luxury streetwear aesthetics and attitude, marking the Year of the Dragon for the Lunar New Year. MCM, known for logo-embellished bags of the ’70s and ’80s jet set, and BAPE®, recognized for genre-defining apparel from the ’90s, have deeply influenced music and pop culture.

The new MCM X BAPE® Lunar New Year Edition capsule showcases fearless pattern play, playful graphics, and a fusion of BAPE®’s shark motif with MCM’s Visetos signature. The collaboration centres around the renowned BAPE STA™ logo, surrounded by a golden dragon, symbolizing unapologetic confidence and irreverent style for the new year.

“We are pleased to recombine MCM’s rich heritage of artisanship & mobility with the dynamic creativity of BAPE® for this next drop.  Both brands complement one another as they achieved prominence through their natural proximity with the global streetwear movement – MCM finding a renaissance in the New York hip-hop community of the ’80s, and BAPE® coming of age during the explosion of Tokyo’s Harajuku scene in the ’90s. It is a true celebration of luxury streetwear that captures the essence of the Zeitgeist.”

– Sabine Brunner, President and Brand & Commercial Officer of MCM.

Reflecting an uncompromising commitment to quality craftsmanship and unconventional design, the distinctive capsule is a must-have for fashion enthusiasts and modern streetwear disciples who embrace a seasonless, genderless and ageless approach to style. 

Source: MCM

The long-awaited collaboration is available in-store and online in selected MCM flagships and BAPE STORE®. Learn more here!

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