Presenting the best trends from the glamorous MFW

The Milan Fashion Week wrapped up to incredible acclaim, with many hailing the seven days as a fantastic showcase of some amazing trends. Indeed, every runway had something incredible to offer the fashion world. Here is a look at the top trends we were able to observe at the event.

MFW stands as a heralded ode to the very essence of Italian refinement, artisanal mastery, and opulent haute couture. In the heart of Italy, where fashion luminaries like Gucci, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace call home, MFW is a grand celebration. This hallowed event pays homage to the sacred art of tailoring, the allure of sumptuous fabrics, and the unyielding devotion to minutiae. Moreover, it is a stage graced by iconic runway spectacles, where the most illustrious fashion houses take center stage to unveil their latest collections.

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١. Fringe Finesse

Giorgio Armani

MFW showed us that fringe and tassels aren’t going away anytime soon. The runways were full of models wearing stylish Western-style outfits, with the likes of Prada, Diesel, and Alberta Ferretti going all-in on their creations. The resurgence of Western style is undeniably en vogue, as Santiags have graced the feet of the world’s effortlessly chic, and the revival of statement hats has us all tipping our brims in delight. Against this backdrop of Western revival, it hardly came as a shock to see fringes making a striking appearance on this season’s runway.

The trend also made it to bags, skirts, and coat hems, showing why it was loved by those looking for something edgy and dynamic — A powerful testament to the allure of cowboy-inspired fashion. The spirit of the Wild West meets contemporary cool, and authenticity wins for Spring 2024.

٢. Whispers of White


In a world where fashion trends come and go, one color remains eternally chic and versatile: white. The evergreen shade was present for Spring 2024 on Ferragamo, Fendi, and Moschino creations among many others, commanding attention and minimalism in equal measure.

Runways have been aglow with the allure of all-white ensembles, versatile enough for both sophisticated workwear and delicate outfits perfect for your myriad of spring and summer soirées ahead this year. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Blumarine or Ferragamo, these looks come to life with exquisite detailing.

٣. Glitters

Ermanno Scervino

Glittering embellishments have always graced the runway, an unwavering testament to their place as an essential trend, particularly during the vivacious seasons of spring and summer. Delving deeper into their enduring allure unveils a genuine fascination: glitters possess an undeniable visual charm, serving as a vivid celebration of warmth and joy. They effortlessly conjure feelings of euphoria, compelling one to don on a touch of glitter for that standout party allure.

Incorporating sparkly elements into one’s ensemble knows no bounds; be it paired with denim, chic black attire, or even draped elegantly upon a coat, these pieces metamorphose into statements of unparalleled sophistication and panache.

This season, designers like Gucci, Ermanno Scervino, and Elisabetta have mastered the art, offering a resplendent fusion of fashion and pure joy.

٤. Pantless

The “pantless” trend, also known as “bare legs” or “no pants” trend, has made sporadic appearances on runways in recent years, challenging traditional notions of fashion and pushing the boundaries of what is considered acceptable attire. Micro skirts are all the rage this year, but SS2024 may just have shaken that trend up.

Multiple designers opted to use it as a base and go for pantless look. There were different approaches taken, all of which looked amazing on the runway. Tom Ford opted for suave colors on their bodysuits and underwear, while Blumarine went with butterfly-shaped underwear. Some brands like Bally, meanwhile, opted for a more hybrid look, pairing the pantless look with a floral design to lend some bright shades.

٥. Baby Blue

Giorgio Armani

The fashion world has been swept away by the gentle and revitalizing allure of the baby blue trend, a color palette that has taken center stage in recent years. Often referred to as powder blue or pastel blue, this ethereal hue exudes a serene charm that awakens feelings of tranquility, nostalgia, and femininity. In the realm of fashion, it carries with it an air of nostalgia that enchants fashion enthusiasts with an irresistible allure.

Baby blue, a staple in the fashion lexicon, continues to hold its own as a go-to color, and it is a joy to witness its prominence on the runways, particularly as a herald of styles destined for the sun-soaked decks of European yachts in the coming summer season. As we immerse ourselves in this trend for SS2024, we can already envision donning shades of baby blue against the backdrop of the Mediterranean, where fashion and elegance harmoniously converge.

MFW SS2024 unfolds as a kaleidoscope of styles, values, and narratives, and we’re already dreaming of Spring.

Franco-Lebanese luxury industry enthusiast, Aya Mechelany, writes features across all editorial pillars of KHAMSA. With the goal of finding contemporary & cool subjects from her own personal experience, as well as her passions and inspirations, Aya deep dives into various subjects to inspire and excite like-minded readers.