Match your mood with your nails!

As the season changes, our choices in manicure colours and styles evolve. The nail trends expected for Fall 2023 are taking things to the next level, with a host of fresh nail art trends on the horizon. From timeless classics to the latest manicure styles, they promise to make the next few months incredibly diverse and inclusive.

Whether you prefer a simple, solid colour, or some intricate nail art, there’s something to suit every taste this season. Here are some of the most viral nail trends that are being adopted by everyone at this moment in time.

١. Dark French Nails

The timeless classic that is the French manicure remains a beloved choice among nail trends. However, this fall and winter season, you can add a touch of intrigue to this enduring style. Instead of the conventional white tips, consider opting for deeper, more enigmatic hues like velvety black, inviting chocolate brown, or the rich tones of deep forest green for your French nail tips. By utilizing dark nail polish or gel to create these darker French manicures, you effortlessly embrace this stylish nail trend this fall.

٢. Wine Nails

Dark red nail polish is a perennial choice for autumn. However, this time around, consider it a refined interpretation of the gothic core trend. Envision an array of red shades, spanning from opulent rusty tones to lush, velvety violet-berry hues. The key is to infuse a dash of sophistication into your fall nail style.

٣. Gothcore Nails

Gothcore has become a sensation in the fashion realm, gracing the catwalks of prestigious brands like Maison Margiela, Dior, and Proenza Schouler. Embracing this nail trend for Fall 2023 offers various possibilities. You can opt for a fully matte black for a chic and understated style, introduce a matte top coat for an edgy twist, or let your creativity shine by combining both approaches for a genuinely gothic-inspired nail appearance.

٤. Galaxy Nails

The aura nail design has the power to conjure images of a distant planet’s storm. You can achieve this by applying a dark base and airbrushing a periwinkle-coloured centre. For an even more striking effect, enhance it with touches of silver chrome that resemble bursts of galactic lightning. To take your nail art to an even more otherworldly level, consider incorporating a few 3D elements such as glitter and acrylic bubbles.

٥. Tortie Nails

This cherished autumn and winter nail art style entails the expert layering of precise dots in deep blacks and browns over translucent coats of lively oranges or cosy yellows. But why limit yourself? Take your tortie art to the next level by seamlessly integrating it with a glossy coat, adding an extra dash of chic to your nail style.

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