Here are the best trends the glamorous PFW offered up

Paris Fashion Week (PFW) concluded after an exhilarating display of the finest global fashion trends. It was an impressive showcase featuring both industry giants and niche labels, each offering a distinctive vision.

PFW is a time period when creativity and elegance combine to cast spells that captivate the senses. Runways are set ablaze with cutting-edge designs and artistic flair, allowing for fashion to become its own living canvas. Forward-thinking designers make it their mission to push boundaries, redefine conversations, and craft trends that will resonate within the global fashion landscape for years to come.

Keep scrolling for our comprehensive trend report:

١. Classic White

White is almost evergreen (pun fully intended) at this moment in time, and it made yet another statement at PFW. Brands like Chloe, Loewe, and Valentino all provided reminders of why this color oozes minimalism and charisma in equal measure. This simplistic look draws attention no matter the occasion.

٢. Autumn Hues

Seasonal flavours made their way to the PFW stage. Multiple brands like Balenciaga showed up with dark shades that symbolized everything autumn. The suave looks they brought to the table may have represented only one of the four seasons, but the reception they received suggested they will be trending well into the others.

٣. Tailored Cuts

Cut-out pieces were significantly featured at PFW. Exquisite looks from the likes of Schiaparelli showed off cuts within the dress that added the right bit of glam and style. This trend is a widely-explored one, but this event offered some new and creative takes on it.

٤. Red Hues

Red was another colour that dominated the PFW proceedings. Rouge was present on a wide variety of outfits, from Kendall Jenner’s Schiaparelli look to Loewe‘s red crocheted piece. The vibrant aesthetic of the colour lit up runways and will no doubt be a key part of many people’s fashion choices going forward.

٥. Flowery Art

Flowers and floral patterns made sure to grab the spotlight at the PFW stage. The versatility of the looks that brands came up with highlighted how the sky was the limit for the trend. From CHANEL‘s purple-black night garden look to Valentino’s carefully-crafted white blossom design, flowers graced the occasion with their beauty and serenity.

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