A cinematic tribute to a piece of French cinematic history.

CHANEL was in a filmy mood while unveiling their FW 2024/25 Ready-to-Wear Collection. At the show, Virginie Viard paid homage to Un Homme et une Femme, the iconic French film, with a short one featuring Brad Pitt and Penélope Cruz. Together with the legendary movie’s director, Claude Lelouch, the pair posed in front of a screen that imitated the boardwalks in Deauville, the French town where the film was shot.

CHANEL’s relationship with the film is the stuff of legend, with Gabrielle Chanel’s friend Aimée introducing their handbag on the table while filming the famous restaurant scene with Jean-Louis Trintignant. Decades later, the French brand revisited that iconic collaboration, pivoting the theme of their show around the love for filmy fashion.

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Themes & Motifs of CHANEL’s Collection

Indeed, Deauville was the very same location where Gabrielle Chanel launched her brand in 1912. More than a century later, Viard channelled the same elegant style and allure of old into this FW 2024/25 Ready-to-Wear Collection, defining it with slim belted tweed coats in sunset shades and comfy sweaters.

There is an incredible temporal reference to the entire collection. The hopping between decades is fantastic, with the collection boasting blouses set in the 1920s to some vivid tweed skirt suits that look like they belong in a 1960s time capsule. Viard’s love for with twisty pants meant there were Bowie-esque culottes with platform boots on display.

While the nostalgia value was incredible in the collection, CHANEL made sure to make it relevant for the modern landscape. More than a hundred years from the relevant time period, the collection exhibits a confidence and allure that is very 2024. Indeed, Viard drew its femininity from the founder’s own wardrobe, while harnessing the masculinity from the winter sojourns by the sea.

“The silhouette of David Bowie, the magnetism of film stars walking on the sand, like Anouk Aimée, a great friend of Gabrielle Chanel… this collection pays homage to these familiar figures….It’s a very warm collection, with layers of materials, colours and volumes. It pays tribute to Deauville, the legendary place where Gabrielle Chanel’s destiny changed forever.”

– Virginie Viard

The Faces

The aforementioned Brad Pitt and Penélope Cruz graced the short film prepared for the show. On the runway, models like Gigi Hadid, Nora Attal, Loli Bahia, and Sara Caballero walked in style.

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Final Note

The CHANEL FW 2024/25 Ready-to-Wear Collection pays homage to familiar figures like David Bowie and Anouk Aimée, drawing inspiration from the sheer aura of film stars. From the sailor sweaters that evoke memories of Deauville to the peacoats with broad shoulders, and from the belted coats to the silk blouses that feature herringbone prints, everything in the collection is both purposeful and aesthetic, set across eras in a rather timeless manner.

The colours on display are also pastel-like in their appearance, taking their vivid nature and choice of shades from those that illuminate the Deauville sky. The bags, hats, scarves, and boots perfectly complement the outfits, invoking the cinematic spirit through their variety and connection.

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