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“We’ll Always Have London.”

In a grand celebration of fashion and heritage, Gucci’s Cruise 2025 collection took the stage at London’s iconic Tate Modern under the creative direction of Sabato De Sarno. This choice of location is a heartfelt nod to a city that has deeply influenced the brand and its creative director. “London has welcomed and listened to me,” De Sarno shares, acknowledging the profound impact the city has had on him personally and on the ethos of Gucci, whose founder was also inspired by his experiences in London.

Themes & Motifs of the Gucci Cruise 2025 Collection

The setting of Tate Modern, particularly its expansive Turbine Hall and the raw, industrial Tanks, perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the collection. These spaces not only narrate London’s essence, but also echo the brand’s journey. The architecture of Tate Modern, a beacon of modernity and a frame for art, is reimagined for the show. In a striking transformation, the stark concrete of the Tanks is softened by an invasion of lush greenery, setting a stage where man and nature, sentiment and minimalism, converge in a poetic display.

This year’s Cruise collection explores the theme of dichotomy — rigour paired with extravagance, strength tempered by delicacy, and traditional English influences merged with Italian flair.

“Fashion design is a means to study, explore, interpret. After expressing my ideas of desirability and sensuality, this collection is a deeper exploration into the romantic and the contradictory.” This philosophy is vividly illustrated in the garments, where technical gabardine coats with sharp tailoring contrast with wild chamomile motifs and soft flower embroideries, creating a tactile interplay of textures.

– Sabato De Sarno

The collection subverts traditional codes of dressing. Outerwear exudes a protective luxury against the softness of chiffons, laces, and ruffles, blending evening elegance with everyday practicality. The juxtaposition continues with robust workwear elements fused with high fashion sensibilities, and the fragile toughness of a pearl necklace secured with a lobster clasp symbolizing both function and ornamentation. Iconic Gucci elements like horsebit details on suede and reinterpretations of tartans speak to the brand’s rich history while being reenergized for contemporary relevance.

The Faces

Many prominent models attended the show. Some of them who graced the occasion were Mirte Rooze, Mathilde Henning, Catarina Guedes, Luzia Perote, Agel Akol, and Ella McCutcheon.

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Final Note

Gucci Cruise 2025 is a cultural dialogue, a synthesis of past and present that challenges preconceptions and celebrates individuality. Through exquisite embroideries, innovative tailoring, and meticulous leatherwork, Gucci crafts a universal language that transcends borders, making a profound statement about the power of fashion to unite diverse narratives into a cohesive, inspiring story.

As the lights dimmed on the Gucci Cruise 2025 show at Tate Modern, it was clear that Sabato De Sarno had not only presented a collection but had also painted a rich tapestry of cultural narratives, inviting the audience to reflect on the enduring influence of London on Gucci’s creative legacy.

This collection, steeped in contrasts and rich in heritage, serves as a poignant reminder of fashion’s capacity to bridge worlds—celebrating both the history and the evolving identity of one of the world’s most dynamic cities. Gucci’s return to London isn’t just a homecoming; it’s a forward-looking journey that redefines the essence of the brand in the modern age, ensuring that, indeed, we’ll always have London in the heart of Gucci.

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