A universal wardrobe spun from the Occident to the Orient

Nigo, the visionary creative force, took the fashion stage by storm at Kenzo’s FW24 show in Paris this week. With a modern spin on the brand’s rich heritage, the Japanese designer showcased an innovative interpretation inspired by the eclectic spirit of Kenzo Takada. Renowned for his innovative approach, Nigo introduces a collection that reverently celebrates a wardrobe with universal appeal, seamlessly woven from the Occidental to the Oriental influences.

In a cinematic parallel to this universal journey, Nigo finds inspiration in the artistry of George Lucas, who skillfully drew from Akira Kurosawa’s samurai films to birth the unparalleled Star Wars universe — a realm of originality, a fully-fledged fantasy culture unmatched by any other.

In the Fall/Winter 2024 collection, texture commands the spotlight, weaving a narrative through faux fur, three-dimensional knitting, futuristic metallics, and jacquards that breathe life into the collection’s motifs.

Themes & Motifs

KENZO seamlessly blends patterns evoking the spirit of Japanese hakeshi baten fireman’s jackets, spanning nylon, jacquards, and denim. Taking cues from karakusa, an ancient Central Asian motif with roots in China, traditionally adorning Japanese furoshiki wrapping cloth, the KENZO Marguerite motif comes to life in diverse forms, from prints to intricate beadwork. The infusion of themes and motifs reflects a thoughtful homage to the Orient, showcasing Nigo’s heartfelt connection to his home country and a nuanced interpretation of the house codes.

The Faces

Model Sun Mizrahi for KENZO
Model Nicola Macchi for KENZO


Courtesy of KENZO
Courtesy of KENZO

KENZO made the bold choice of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BnF), or the National Library of France, situated on Rue Vivienne in Paris’s 2nd arrondissement. This cultural powerhouse, recognized for its avant-garde essence, boasts an extensive and eclectic collection — millions of books, manuscripts, maps, prints, and captivating photographs. It stands as the guardian of France’s cultural and intellectual treasures, a living repository resonating with the heartbeat of the nation. And what a space it is—absolutely mesmerizing.

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Final Note

In a manifestation of creative evolution, Nigo’s latest KENZO collection stands as a testament to his ongoing exploration and mastery. Demonstrating a newfound confidence and a profound depth of design, this collection represents a significant juncture in Nigo’s journey with the brand.

The collection emanates a refined and intricate sensibility, embodying a seamless fusion of innovation and sophistication. Through meticulously considered details and thoughtful garment construction, Nigo propels KENZO to elevated realms, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression within the fashion landscape. This collection serves as a nuanced reflection of his evolving expertise, marking a pivotal moment in the ongoing narrative of Kenzo under Nigo’s visionary leadership.

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