A scintillating collection of deep-rooted fashion.

Loewe‘s FW24 RTW collection is a gathering of various fashionable outfits, including floral dresses, cargo patterns, and tailored coats. Loewe fans were pleased with the diversity on offer, and hailed the collection’s commitment to the brand’s pedigree and heritage. From casual prints to expanded leather, it addressed multiple avenues of premium fashion.

Themes & Motifs of Loewe’s Collection

Loewe’s Jonathan Anderson-designed RTW FW24 collection is an artistic tribute, glittered with art references throughout. Right from the off, the show began with a showcase of colourful floral patterns on tops. The flower show were duly complemented by floor-length skirts, which exhibited a very calm fit and flourish. Earth-toned flowers were also present, with the brand applying them to the white trousers. The natural theme continued with the petal finishes on certain dresses, which featured asymmetrical rundowns going to the full length of the right leg. This was a nod to the imperfect beauty of Mother Earth.

While most of the collection was a rigid take on a variety of themes, Anderson exhibited his rather playful design expertise in some other pieces. From the baggy cargo pants that teeter between smart and casual to wide buckle belts and exaggerated rounded studs, there was something for everyone. There was even a dress with a dog on it, which was about as extraordinary and incredible as you would imagine.

The Faces

The runway was graced by multiple models adorned in Loewe’s exquisite collection. Some names that made an appearance were Mona Tougaard, Olivia Palermo, Liu Wen, and Loli Bahia.

KHAMSA’s Top Looks

Final Note

This collection from Loewe is a modern take on various themes. Anderson has often gone on record to say how he often draws inspiration from the current generation, where a digital and screen presence is omnipresent. That shows here in fine style, with some of the outfits seeming at home in a virtual environment as much as they do in the real world.

The show was set inside a venue that was coloured in a spring-green shade. The pieces on display flirted with the idea of artistic ideas and thoughts blossoming into life. The assortment of items accompanying the outfits were not just decorative, but also filled with personality and character. Loewe enthusiasts will have noticed the show living up to the teases the brand dropped on Instagram and then some, with things like famous paintings and the like being incorporated into the designs like they hinted. It was a promotional masterclass as much as it was a fashionable one.

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