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Celebrating a decade of Nicolas Ghesquière across the eras.

Nicolas Ghesquière’s 10th anniversary at Louis Vuitton wasn’t just a milestone, it was a fashion time warp at the Louvre! Forget dusty archives, Nicolas built a time machine made of sequins for Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2024.

This collection was a conversation between past and future, where shimmering fabrics and futuristic elements harmonized with baroque influences. A glimpse into a world where heritage and innovation tangoed seamlessly. This wasn’t your average runway show; it was a testament to Ghesquière’s influence on Louis Vuitton, solidifying his position as a visionary leader in the fashion world.

Themes & Motifs of the Louis Vuitton collection

The runway show itself was a journey through time, blending futuristic elements with echoes of past LV collections. Think feather-trimmed dresses that wouldn’t look out of place on a spaceship, paired with oversized mittens and voluminous skirts that would shine in the previous century. This wasn’t just about creating fantastical garments; it was a conversation between eras. Observers could spot references to Ghesquière’s own design history, with brocade jackets reminiscent of his Spring 2018 collection.

Ghesquière didn’t forget the younger generation of Vuitton. Playful touches like cat-eared beanies and sequinned dresses added a touch of playfulness to the collection. Sequins in silver and gold shimmered under the runway lights, creating a vibrant energy. The iconic Louis Vuitton logo was ingeniously reimagined as mini dresses, a testament to Ghesquière’s ability to reinterpret the brand’s heritage. The collection offered a stunning variety of silhouettes. Long and sheer evening dresses flowed alongside draped creations and crisp white t-shirts. Sequinned pieces in a spectrum of silver and gold added a touch of glamour, while sheer garments offered a cool peekaboo effect. Coats offered a sense of power, while some designs seemed to channel a space-age aesthetic. Fur details added a touch of luxury, showcasing the collection’s diverse and multifaceted nature.

The Faces

The runway was graced by standout models, including Mica Argañaraz, Rianne van Rompaey, Mika Schneider, Ashley Radjarame, and Loli Bahia. However, the spotlight was undeniably on HoYeon Jung, the SquidGame actress and Louis Vuitton international ambassador since October 2021, who opened the show. Following her was Felix Lee, a prominent member of the South Korean group Stray Kids and an ambassador for the House since August 2023.

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Final Note

Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Nicolas Ghesquière’s 10th anniversary at Louis Vuitton was a time-travelling soirée set in the historic Louvre, where the past and future collided on the runway in the most beautiful way. As the fashion world witnessed the futuristic and classic elements on the runway, leaving us wondering – was that a past season’s echo or a peek into fashion’s future? Even the iconic LV logo got a playful mini dress makeover. From cat-eared beanies for the young rebels to shimmering sequins and peekaboo sheers, this collection had something for everyone.

Here’s to a decade of Ghesquière’s genius – he’s still making Louis Vuitton a brand that feels like a time capsule of fashion history, but with a twist towards the future. It’s like stepping into a living museum of style, one we all want to get lost in!

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