Valentino Le Salon is at home in the habitat of Haute Couture.

For Valentino’s Creative Director, Pierpaolo Piccioli, the salon represents both a return and a departure – simultaneously an honouring of tradition and a new proposal, of a Haute Couture innately reflective of contemporaneous values and needs. The Valentino Le Salon Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2024 collection is deeply rooted in modern life, in the today. Yet in this seemingly radical reflection of our world it actually returns to the original intention of Couture, its genesis in realities.

Haute Couture is an obsessive quest for perfection, allied with a passion for the hand, a fascination with
process. True dressing, the timeless essence of Haute Couture, is exemplified by Valentino Le Salon, evoking freedom of expression synonymous with a love for true fashion.

Source: Valentino

Themes & Motifs

The Valentino Le Salon collection is an interplay of pieces, a modern wardrobe – the clothes of our time. Considering every item individually recalibrates each ensemble as a harmony, explorations of synchronic contrasts of colour, texture, and essential meaning in every garment. Instinctive and unexpected juxtapositions ignite imagination, inspire emotion – outfits become paradoxical, colliding pragmatism and fantasy, differing volumes, abstract sensation.

There are plenty of contrasts employed to mask anything outlandish. This balanced styling is perfectly evident in a yellow mermaid skirt being strangely paired with a grey oversized blazer, which at first glance seems like a surprising pairing, but reveals itself to be a masterclass in juxtaposition. Through this technique, Valentino focuses on a solo trait, maximizing attention towards it and enabling those watching to look exactly where they want them to.


Source: Valentino

In a surprising departure from the spectacle of their previous show, the Italian brand chose the serene salons on Place Vendôme to showcase their Haute Couture SS24 collection. Place Vendôme is a location of sentimentality for the fashion giant, having housed innumerable milestones for them over the year and provided a close connection with their friends.

The venue chosen is one of close quarters and intimacy, fully exuding the Haute Couture vibe. Through its unique atmosphere, it revitalises perceptions and thoughts about Haute Couture and aligns them to a modern-day stance.

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Final Note

This collection thrives as a space of expectation and wonder, where dreams become realities through its specific rites and rituals. Piccioli, a master of bringing out expansive shapes in sheer volume, opted for a more reserved approach this time, with most of the collection sporting lines drawn clean and close to the body. There is an earnest attempt to peel back the layers of fashion and showcase the basic principles that make it the art form it is.

Haute Couture is synonymous with luxury and opulence. Remarkably, Valentino represented it not in the usual stylish and extravagant means we have come to expect from them, but in an understated manner through a phenomenal collection.

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