Versace Milan Fashion Week

A Rebellion of Elegance with a Wild Heart

In the world of Versace’s Fall/Winter 2024-2025 collection, rebellion meets refinement, and a kind heart dances with wildness. The collection is an epitome of contemporary disruption, where traditional tailoring is redefined, and the essence of the Versace brand is distilled into each meticulously crafted piece. This is KHAMSA‘s review of their RTW FW collection.

“This collection has a rebel attitude and a kind heart. The woman is a good girl with a wild soul. She is prim but sexy. Don’t mess with her! The man is her soulmate, a shy genius. They are breaking the rules to make new ones. The clothes take the codes of contemporary formal tailoring and disrupt them with cut, drape, and embellishment. The collection focuses on pure lines, innovative fabrics, considered wildness. This is us. This is Versace!”

– Donatella Versace

— Themes & Motifs

Versace disrupts the familiar codes of formal tailoring, introducing a considered wildness that reverberates through the collection. This approach, disrupted with drape, gives rise to the quiet rebellion hinted at by the makers. Prints are deconstructed and transformed into rich embroidery, jacquard, and hidden linings. Atelier Versace fabrics undergo a metamorphosis, emerging as new luxurious tweed. The House’s power tailoring reaches extremes, showcasing a dynamic interplay of proportions — from maxi-length duster overcoats to prim spencer jackets and hourglass silhouettes. White pointed swallow tail collars accent chiffon shirts, leather is draped with spontaneity and precision, and the signature metal mesh takes a lighter form, layered over distressed denim.

A rich colour palette of lipstick red, moka, cocoa browns, and foundational black interplays with the Wild Barocco motif in prints, knitwear, jacquards, and embroidery. The collection’s internalized opulence is revealed in the lining of tailored coats and jackets, folded over at cuffs and hems, and showcased in stirrup leggings, bustiers, and off-shoulder evening gowns.

The iconic “Golden Girls” dress, a hallmark of Versace’s past, made a triumphant return, this time in silver and leather, echoing the brand’s tradition of celebrating the female form.

— The Faces

The runway was graced by Versace’s beloved Gigi Hadid, while Anne Hathaway, a close associate of Versace, adorned a scarlet red leather version, embodying the boldest statement in the collection.

— KHAMSA’s Top Looks

— Final Note

Courtesy of Versace

In the heart of Milan, Versace unleashed a rebel’s manifesto. The runway spoke volumes, not just of fashion, but of audacity and the celebration of femininity. The fiery black dresses, the red leather accents, and the daring lengths exemplified a brand unafraid to push boundaries.

The echo of Donatella Versace’s words lingered, “This collection has a rebel attitude and a kind heart.” Milan Fashion Week witnessed not just a fashion show, but a rebellion, a fusion of elegance and wildness, leaving an indelible mark on the legacy of Versace. As the brand continues to evolve, the rebel’s roar remains the unmistakable anthem of Versace.

Leen is a writer, designer and creative director, holding a fashion design degree from ESMOD. She is currently pursuing an MBA in fashion management, specializing in luxury, in Paris. Living in various Western and Eastern locales, Leen writes on fashion, culture, and lifestyle at KHAMSA as she interns in the editorial department.