Miu Miu looks

Fashion commentator Osama Chabbi breaks down Miu Miu.

‘Miu Miu,’ the sound of the label itself, holds so much kitsch and prestige simultaneously the second it crosses your lips. It is no secret that the Prada subsidiary is a house that remains a significant playground for fun and more intricate designs than its parent.

As a means of background, the brand was established in 1992, which is relatively recent; hence its modern and contemporary take on basics with a fun twist. It aims to target a younger crowd, but not only them, for many cool women have adopted accessories throughout the years. It is also important to mention that their designs were initially inspired by Miuccia’s own wardrobe, with a hint of humour and a sense of unexpectedness to contrast with Prada’s firm simplicity at the time. Think Chloé Sevigny, Kate Moss, Angela Lindvall, Drew Barrymore, Vanessa Paradis, and Laetitia Casta – every cool girl has been a Miu Miu girl at a point in time through key ready-to-wear campaigns, shows, and starring in iconic fragrance commercials.

The name ‘Miu Miu’ was obviously conceived from Miuccia Prada’s family nickname, making the Italian house a little more intimate, naive, and perhaps more peppy than Prada itself. Today, Miu Miu is a pop-culture symbol for fun, playful, and youthful fashion that doesn’t necessarily aim to be boundary-pushing or too conceptual. It simply sets a benchmark for out-of-the-box and quirky designs that make the Miu Miu woman an elevated IT girl – entertaining a sense of sensuality that is somehow never vulgar and, in fact, quite traditional. Now, let’s unpack together the many codes and references that make the Miu Miu girl – from house codes to key moments; you’ll know it all by the end of this informative piece.

But what makes Miu Miu the hottest brand today, you may ask?

The brand is free of heavy-duty codes; it’s colourful with a particular rebellious fibre. It was somehow a way to challenge femininity without necessarily being disruptive, which made the brand a pretty immediate success. Somewhere between eccentricity and easy classics, it progressively found its own niche and precise clientele. It is also worth mentioning that the Italian house did try to offer both menswear and womenswear collections for a while, but gave up on its menswear assortment to focus on womenswear in 2008. It has been significantly revived in the past two seasons through a new genderless approach that includes men, but doesn’t exclusively cater to them. This being said, the Miu Miu DNA remains peppy and feminine at its finest.

Slowly but surely, Miu Miu accessories started to gain significant influence throughout the years, especially with identifiable eyewear and handbags being all over paparazzi shots in the peak 2000s celebrity era. Ironically enough, the first collection was designed for a ‘modern cowgirl’ and included fringed suede jackets and patchwork staples. If we look at the leading thread between all collections through time, the elements of unexpectedness, surprising details, and surprising fabric mixes remain noticeably present. We’ve also noticed that the brand has great strength in being sufficiently ahead of trends without being excessively avant-garde.

More recently, Prada’s little forecasting sister has been partly responsible for the return of micro skirts on runways, ballet references here and there, and deconstructing corporate basics. From kitsch bright jewellery, poolside necessities, and school uniforms to racing, the Miu Miu world expands to as many environments as needed, making the Miu Miu girl as adaptable as possible. Tweeds, patent leathers, feathers, python, denim, tulle, you name it; not a single fabric is out of the Miu Miu girl’s sight, adding richness and texture to an already eclectic vestiaire. Obviously, resort collections are pretty top-tier when it comes to already quite a playful closet.

Today, the Miu Miu codes are as identifiable as it gets – think baby blue, denim, baby pink, faux-fur, and logo mania basics; the seasonal carry-overs are the epitome of cuteness with a hint of spice. We hope Miu Miu remains as we desire it; a fashion temple of all kinks and styles, guaranteeing great moments to those who dare be a little less traditionalist.

Osama Chabbi is a French-Tunisian stylist, journalist and fashion commentator based in Dubai. Born and raised in France, he is a go-to source for all things fashion.