Riyadh Fashion Week

The Riyadh Fashion Week is all set to put local fashion on the map 

The first-ever Riyadh Fashion Week is all set to take place from October 20 to 23, 2023. Hosted by the Saudi Fashion Commission, the event will gather international celebrities, buyers, and influential figures from the fashion world, who will provide unique insight into Saudi Arabia’s thriving fashion industry. 

The event, which will also be live-streamed, promises a unique opportunity for Saudi brands to connect with the world. Riyadh Fashion Week can be traced back to the Saudi Fashion Commission’s participation in prestigious fashion events like Paris Men’s Fashion Week and Couture Week. On all these occasions, Saudi designers showcased an array of collections as part of the Saudi 100 Brands program, a pioneering mentorship project spearheaded by the Fashion Commission.

“We are welcoming the global fashion community to the epicenter of Saudi fashion, here in Riyadh. The event will showcase the best of our creative talent, allowing yet another opportunity for our brands to connect with the world. Whether you join us in person or via the live stream, we can’t wait to highlight what Saudi fashion has to offer.”  

– Burak Cakmak, CEO of the Saudi Fashion Commission

Riyadh Fashion Week will commence with an Opening Gala Dinner, where more than 250 influential names and prominent figures from the global fashion sector will gather for networking and meaningful discussions. The event lineup is glittered with plenty of notable brands. Here is a rundown of participants to keep an eye on,

١. Abadia

Abadia stands as an ethical luxury brand that pays homage to culture through its timeless and contemporary designs. These creations are the result of exquisite local craftsmanship and thoughtfully selected fabrics, intended for preservation and passing down through generations.

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٢. Arwa Albanawi

Arwa Al Banawi effortlessly combines the worlds of high-end fashion and streetwear, blending traditional and contemporary design elements in a unique manner. Recognized for its urban-inspired suits and bold statement tees, the brand caters to the modern woman with a busy, on-the-go lifestyle.

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٣. Atelier Hekayat

Atelier Hekayat places creativity at its core, firmly believing that narratives enhance the strength of designs. The brand crafts its captivating outerwear collections by delving into a fusion of identities, emotions, and cultural atmospheres.

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٤. Dazluq

Dazluq’s distinctive designs strive to capture the essence of the contemporary woman – strong, self-reliant, yet also infused with romance and creativity. Her remarkable creations seamlessly fuse Middle Eastern elegance with modern fashion, achieving a harmonious blend.

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٥. Hajruss

Hajruss functions within two distinct seasons: sunny and snowy. The brand crafts remarkable clothing items tailored to fulfil fundamental human requirements in any climate.

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٦. Hala Algharbawi

Hala Algharbawi, a modern women’s ready-to-wear brand, harmoniously merges Eastern and Western influences through its striking mix of asymmetrical silhouettes, captivating textures, and opulent adornments.

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٧. Honayda

Honayda crafts timeless, contemporary, and graceful fashion for today’s women, always keeping comfort in mind. Their brand is dedicated to empowering women, and each collection embodies the narrative of an extraordinary woman who left her mark on history.

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٨. Kaf by Kaf

Kaf by Kaf offers a fresh perspective on cultural outerwear with its bold and vibrant designs. The brand specializes in crafting custom patterns and fabrics, with every fabric tailored uniquely for Kaf by Kaf.

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٩. Moja Majka

Moja Majka, which translates to ‘My Mother’ in English, pays tribute to the designer’s mother through her brand. She crafts genuine kaftans and a selection of exquisite, handmade accessories to complement them.

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١٠. Noble and Fresh

Source: Noble and Fresh / Urbn Lot

Noble and Fresh pays homage to its Saudi heritage through its distinctive creations. The brand recently marked its presence at Paris Fashion Week, unveiling a collection of embroidered attire inspired by the iconic Salwa Palace.

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