Men's Fashion Week

A look at the key menswear trends from both Milan and Paris.

The Milan and Paris Men’s Fashion Weeks concluded in spectacular style, serving up the latest in menswear trends to the world. Fashion enthusiasts were eager to see what kind of template these two weeks would set for the rest of the year, and they weren’t disappointed in the least.

Milan and Paris played hosts to Men’s Fashion Weeks that brought out the world’s top brands and their offerings to the spotlight. While there were many innovative and captivating outfits on every runway thanks to the vision of forward-thinking designers, some significant trends began to take shape as the days went by.

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١. Washed-Out Green

One of the best colour trends from the two weeks was an alternate shade of green, popularly referred to as the olive shade. Brands chose from lighter and darker versions of the washed-out green, lending versatility to the trend and projecting an air of simplicity. Gucci and Hermès went with the brighter variant, while the likes of Dhruv Kapoor opted for the subtle, lighter one.

٢. Nostalgia

As is always the case at fashion weeks every year, brands never miss the opportunity to incorporate some blasts from the past. The nostalgia bug bit brands like Louis Vuitton and Amiri, who showed off their unique takes on the days of yesteryear, woven in bright colours and accompanied by retro styles.

٣. Vertical Stripes

The vertical stripe aesthetic was a hit on the Milan and Paris Men’s Fashion week runways. Brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci employed different variants of the vertical stripe, both highlighting why the black-white two-tone colour scheme is a safe choice for any outfit.

٤. Red Hues

Not only was red a trending colour at the Paris and Milan Men’s Fashion Week, it also came in countless variants that prompted excited discussion. From Fendi‘s simplistic, dark red hue to Prada‘s brighter shade accompanied by a blue undershirt, the primary colour stood out on every runway. Names like JW Anderson went the extra mile with floral patterns on their exquisite red dress.

٥. Wearable Art

Art and fashion are often synonymous in the world of fashion, and at the Men’s Fashion week in Paris and Milan, the artsy flair of the industry was out in style. Names like Homme Plissé Issey Miyake and Balmain offered magnificent artwork on their outfits, giving them a flamboyant vibe that draws eyes from everyone in the room.

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