The fragrant installation is open for visitors

CHANEL’s latest pop-up installation of Les Exclusifs de CHANEL is displayed at The Dubai Fountain, Dubai Mall, UAE. It takes inspiration from various chapters of Gabrielle Chanel’s life. Among the most popular ones, COROMANDEL, a deeply ambered scent, draws its influence from the elegant folding screens found in her apartment. LE LION offers an ambery-leathery perfume trail, paying homage to her astrological sign.

Source: CHANEL

Les Exclusifs de CHANEL pop-up is a temporary space built to offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Mademoiselle Chanel’s life story. The installation is situated on the water facing Burj Khalifa, which offers magnificent views during the day and at night. Through this journey, one will embark on a remarkable olfactory journey through an immersive experience guided by Fragrance Experts. Visitors are invited to begin in the maze room, where they will choose a card and quest to find hidden symbols behind the fragrances. Indeed, they will be looking for their own olfactory character.

The journey is an olfactory and immersive experience. Once the visitor finds the fragrance of their liking, they are guided by experts into the reserve area, where personalized consultations will be held. A temporary boutique is accessible at the end of the journey, where exclusive coffrets are available. There is also Air-Parfum, a new AI machine to try out with the assistance of a Beauty Confident.

The pop-up installation will be open every day until November 5, from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm. For more information and booking reservations, visit here.

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