Alaïa shows the world their collection through some selfies

Selfies have become a ritual at Alaïa. In a spontaneous gesture of instant beauty, the Alaïa women unveil and embody the new WS24 collection. Born from the visions of Pieter Mulier, the WS24 collection transgresses and transcends the traditional codes, presenting new fabrics, pure shapes, and sharp lines.#

Presented on a bridge in Paris between Maison Alaïa’s origins and its present — the WS24 collection is an ode to women and to creation. Inspired by Alaïa’s heritage and the infinite possibilities of its craft, Pieter Mulier exalts the essentials of the house and reinvents new icons, combining sensuality and tactility.

The selfies present themselves as impromptu snapshots, delivering impromptu photographs that deliver a very personalized perspective on the collection. The direct POV instantly spotlights its beauty and allure, disregarding traditional norms in fashion and opting for innovation.

The intimate selfies taken by the Alaïa women highlight their personality of each model and how the collection looks on them. That it looks authentic and real-world in the selfies as opposed to the curated fashion runway is a testament to the novelty of the idea.

For more information on the collection, visit here.