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Hermès introduced its autumn/winter 2023 Objects collection, and as always, every item is irresistible to the touch with its exquisite precision and creativity. The collection includes a variety of belts and boots in soft leathers and skins, as well as delectable decorative household items for both men and women.

Explore Khamsa’s favorite collection pieces below.

١. Sandal in Nappa

These sandals effortlessly elevate any outfit, from casual to formal. Whether paired with a summer dress or your favorite jeans, these sandals add a touch of sophistication to any ensemble.

٢. Planètes Ring in Rose Gold

The stones not only look like a delectable treat, but it’s an accessory you can wear on its own or stack up with multiple stone rings for an edgier look.

٣. Parade en Fanfare Twill Up

This charming accessory is easy to style as it can be added to your bag, in your hair, or even as a pop of colour tied to your jeans. It’s also a vibrant and playful pattern that works with almost any palette.

٤. Necklace in Horn and Golden Metal

A stunning piece that is both bold and elegant. The earthy tones would complement any look – be it a t-shirt or a V-neck dress. Also, the playing card suit motifs add the perfect playful touch to it.

٥. Épopée Domino Set

Experience entertainment and aesthetics with this whimsical Domino Set. Whether you’re gathering with family and friends, these will probably be the best part of the evening.

٦.  From My Window Beach Bag

Is it just us, or does this not remind you of Hitchcock’s rear window? and a bit of Mattisse? I guess that just added some artsy vintage charm to your beach outings.

٧. Kelly To Go Tressage Wallet

Referencing the iconic Kelly bag (our dream purchase), this wallet features design elements reminiscent of its larger counterpart. If you’re on the go, and just need a mini bag to help you run your errands, this is the one.

٨. Key Ring

Out of all the key rings, this stands out with its octopus-looking shape, adding a playful and distinctive touch to your keys – or anything you choose to attach it to.

٩. R.M.S Cabine Jaguar Suitcase

This is not just a luggage piece but a fashion statement. It’s also probably as stylish as carry-ons can get.

١٠. Ankle Boot in Calfskin

This sleek design is a necessity for any man’s wardrobe – you can never go wrong with an ankle boot. Not to mention, the rich brown hue and the shading is *chef’s kiss*.

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