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Bored of your everyday hair look? Having a bad hair day? The slick-back bun is getting plain? Well, maybe you need a hairpiece to give your look a little something extra. There are plenty of occasions and just as many choices, so get your cards ready.

١. Headscarf | Hermès

You can wear it as a bandana, add it to your scrunchie, or tie your braid with it.

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٢. Claw Clip | Revolve

Florals for spring aren’t groundbreaking. But thank goodness it’s summer.

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٣. Bucket Hat | Prada

Because let’s face it, bad hair days are inevitable.

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٤. Oversized Bows | Atu Body Couture

Living your best cottage-core-vintage aesthetic life should be a year-round affair.

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٥. Barrettes | Chanel

It’s vintage, sunset, and Chanel. The best summer accessory a girl could ask for.

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