KHAMSA’s picks of the olive oils you should check out.

Olive oil is a multifaceted ingredient of nature, orchestrating a symphony of taste. This liquid gold, extracted from the plump embrace of olives, transcends mere kitchen staples to become an elixir of gastronomic allure. With a history steeped in ancient Mediterranean traditions, olive oil is a timeless muse for chefs and food enthusiasts alike.

Olive oil’s velvety texture cascades over salads with the grace of a summer breeze, infusing each leaf with a whisper of fruity richness. Whether drizzled over a crusty baguette or embraced in the sizzling embrace of a frying-pan, olive oil is a culinary charmer that leaves taste buds in a state of perpetual admiration, anointing dishes with the enchantment of the ages.

KHAMSA dives into the olive oil pool and highlight the ones that are making waves at this moment in time.

١. Olive Oil by Tashas Group

Leading hospitality company, Tashas Group, has ventured into the world of high-quality olive oil. These exceptional products will be available for purchase only at individual venues (tashas café, Avli by tashas, and Flamingo Room by tashas) from December 2023.

Tashas’ team focused on the authenticity of Greek Heritage, working closely with Agora Food Trading to commence an intense tasting process of over 30 different olive oils. The perfect blend came with Nissi, a renowned producer of Koroneiki variety olives. They are harvested from centuries-old trees, most of which are 200 – 1200 years old

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٢. Zeit Loulou

Source: Zeit Loulou

Harvested by hand once a year, cold pressed and unfiltered using ancestral techniques, Zeit Loulou ignites herbal flavours, with a note of spiciness. Through their olive oils, one can experience the pure essence of togetherness, where each bottle is a testament to generations of passion and dedication.

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٣. World of Kaia

Source: Kaia

Kaia’s independent, family-owned operations are a tribute to the wonders of Tunisian olive oil. Here, the liquid is treated as a sacred ingredient that nourishes and heals, a nod to the practices of their ancestors. The oil is curated from the finest Tunisian ingredients, narrating a story about the lands and rural communities who sustain it.

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