Sunset Blush

The hour is golden and so is your look!

Golden hour beauty products are having a moment, and the Sunset Blush look is quickly becoming the must-try trend for summer. Moving away from the food-inspired looks of recent years, like glazed doughnut skin and bronze latte makeup, this season draws its inspiration from the vibrant hues of a summer sunset.

Sunset blush captures the essence of a sunset with a beautiful gradient of colours, blending shades such as orange, coral and pink with a touch of highlighter. On TikTok, the hashtag #SunsetBlush has garnered over 22.5 million posts, reflecting the trend’s rising popularity. This look not only complements the warm weather but also encourages the embrace of bold, lively colours for a fresh, radiant glow.

Find out with KHAMSA how to create the look yourself!

The sunset-inspired blush look was first introduced by American beauty influencer Alissa Janay, who first showcased it on her TikTok and Instagram platforms. Since uploaded in early April, the video has gathered approximately 7.3 million views and around a million likes. Her routine was widely embraced as a creative touch to a summer beauty look by beauty lovers who then rushed experiment with the look with various shades and techniques.

Here is how you can recreate it:

Pick Your Shade!

Pick the shades from your favourite liquid blush brand, these include a nice orange and a bold pink, and your favourite golden highlighter! To ensure long-lasting wear over your foundation, make sure your products are highly pigmented.

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Achieving the Look


If only i was at the beach rn 🥲

♬ original sound – Alissajanay

In order to avoid an overpowering look, use only a small amount and blend the blush shades smoothly to create a gradient effect, similar to a sunset. Adjust the intensity to your preference, ensuring the colours merge naturally. Finish with a golden highlighter to enhance the sunset look.

In order to let your blush look standout, use subtle makeup such a small winged liner and well groomed eyebrows. Along with well done skincare, choose glossy, earthfied tone like soft brown or nude shades to complement your blush.

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