Wedding season is upon us, and as you might have seen on many Instagram stories, everyone is on their A-game for these special occasions. 

However, when your close friends are tying the knot, stylistic practices remain a mystery to most of us.

I’ve often wondered, how do you look effortlessly unbothered while remaining chic and proper when attending a romantic celebration overseas? Well, aside from trends and personal preferences, it all depends on the type of guest you aspire to be. 

Are you wearing traditional attire or planning on making an arguably discreet appearance? A discreet appearance could be a great way to avoid overshadowing the bride/groom. But with the rise of quiet luxury, keeping a low profile is very on-trend too. 

On a more serious note, if you’re North African or Middle Eastern, chances are weddings are considered annual displays of wealth that might automatically require you to put your best cards on the table, and “quiet luxury” can stay in the closet.

When it comes to spring, we’ve all been subconsciously guided by  ́Devil Wears Prada’ most quoted one-liner  ́Flowers for Spring? Groundbreaking’ but when it’s finally summertime, what’s the absolute no-go?

Leave all shades of white for the bride and groom, and let’s get you in something playful this season. Have some fun the Puccis, Missonis and Versace’s of our world; good old prints and bright colours. This could be the perfect opportunity to dive deep into your mom’s archive or go on a thrift shopping session hunting vintage gems for your next special occasion.

Now in case you’re looking for clearer design guidelines, our personal recommendation would be to stay away from anything too fitted and embrace the lightness and ease of a maxi dress. That being said, we’re all for exploring a less conformist take on wedding dressing and a strong men’s suit could also be the way to go as long as paired with flamboyant accessories. That’s exactly when the right pair of statement earrings come in the picture, finished with a sexy bright sandal or a funky minaudière making any plain suit the talk of the party. 

Since we’re talking extravaganza, headpieces have also great potential when it comes to making a statement and could save you from the shackles of a complicated hairdo.

Ones worst nightmare when it comes to shopping for a wedding would be to make a purchase that won’t ever be worn again hence why accessories remain the gateway to making a sustainable outfit choice.

For gents, the secret recipe is a lot easier – a linen suit is definitely the most efficient weapon. Bright light summer colours, smart layering, and a strong pair of statement loafers paired with the right color palette could definitely make you look chic and dandy at the function. If you’re too afraid of exploring the color block loafers’ route, then we might have to advise you to stick to the usual black leather suiting shoes and the very expected tuxedo (If you’re the boring type) but again It’s all up to you to make a choice. 

One of our favorite pairings does remain the knit polo layered under a linen suit – something about it might make you look like you’re out of a Slim Aarons poolside party and isn’t that what we’re aiming to achieve?

We’ve given you all the tools to navigate summer wedding dressing to the fullest and hopefully make your life easier throughout all these hectic fashion decisions. But we’re done yet, here’s a list of pieces to guide you through the simple steps to be a guest of honor – the KHAMSA way.


This rainbow sequined dress might seem like an audacious choice but everything about it screams summer. Sequins add a bright shiny touch, while colors are the right way to celebrate in style. You’ll stand out that’s for sure, while remaining contemporary!

Striped sequinned-georgette dress, Ashish, available here.

Black menswear suiting for a summer wedding, risqué isn’t it? Indeed but paired with the right bralette this versatile option will give you the possibility to switch it up for the after party. Paired with the right earrings and sandals, you’ve got your look sorted. Sophisticated and chic, the double breasted black suit remains quite a traditional option too.

Isabel Marant ensemble, available here.

A colorful Kaftan is a great idea to switch up your summer vibes, while remaining flow and fresh. Bright colors are the perfect way to bring the fun anywhere you go while ensuring comfort and movement during outdoor celebrations.

Lilee cape-sleeves patchwork silk-satin gown, Roksanda, available here.

Chez Saint Laurent crystal earrings are XXL and the word statement is far from being an understatement. These are the perfect earrings to pair with a white t-shirt to keep up with the rest of the summer in style pretty dramatically.

Saint Laurent earrings, available here.

Almost straight out of your mom’s jewelry box, these earrings have a great vintage feel which will add curation and cool to any silhouette. Pearls are great for celebrations, again a great timeless and elevated choice for you.

Scarab Jaipur 24kt gold-plated earrings, Begüm Khan, available here.


A double breasted beige linen suit is a lot more efficient that you’d think. It’s also the easiest piece to dress down once the drama is over with a white t-shirt and the right chino pants. For the wedding, we advise to pair it with a linen tie and navy trousers for a contrasting take on suiting.

Double-Breasted Linen-Twill Suit Jacket, Richard James, available here.

Kaki head-to-toe, yes please! Monochromatic looks are always extremely efficient and easy to accessorize. A touch of burgundy could bring the right amount of fun to this look.

Shinji Cotton and Linen-Blend Blazer, A Kind of Guise, available here.

The epitome of quiet luxury, no justification required just wing it.

Arizona Striped Linen Shirt, Loro Piana, available here.

We’ve decided to dig deeper and find you the perfect alternative to Loro Piana’s that is a little less painful on the pocket. A chic choice nonetheless.

Miguel Leather-Trimmed Suede Loafers, Frescobol Carioca, available here.

The good old loafer with a twist, a colorful take on your dad’s favorite shoes but make it KHAMSA.

Weejuns Heritage Larson Two-Tone Leather Penny Loafers, G.H. Bass & Co, available here.

Osama Chabbi is a French-Tunisian stylist, journalist and fashion commentator based in Dubai. Born and raised in France, he is a go-to source for all things fashion.