The latest addition to Alaïa’s repertoire, the Eyewear Collection, is a testament to the creative prowess of Pieter Mulier. With a design philosophy centered around modern elegance, this collection boasts clean lines and opulent finishes that exude a timeless charm. The use of leather, an iconic and sensuous material synonymous with Alaïa, can be seen adorning the bridge and spoilers of the pilot frame, creating a captivating interplay of smooth and embellished textures that lend an air of empowerment and contemporary flair.

Courtesy of Alaïa

Crafted with the brand’s signature attention to detail, this frame embodies the perfect fusion of form and function. The campaign highlights the unique design features, such as the use of leather, a material synonymous with the Alaïa brand, on the bridge and spoilers, resulting in a bold and confident look.

Alaïa’s Pilot Frame is the ultimate fashion accessory for the modern and discerning fashionista.

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