TikTok celebrates Fashion Month with users and creators

TikTok is enthusiastically embracing Fashion Month alongside the entire fashion community. Under the banner of #TikTokFashion, the popular social media platform, along with its multitude of trendsetting creators, is set to ignite their creative flair and ignite new trends in the fashion world.

From September 10 to October 3, TikTok will be providing the best fashion, brand, and beauty inspiration. The global community of over 1 billion people will use #TikTokFashion to connect with creators, designers, and fashion thinkers. Members of the collective will be invited to take part in local Fashion Week events and collaborate with the social media giant to share content. The best content will be featured on its Fashion Month Hub, giving them exposure unlike anything else.

The prime creator line-up boasts some of the most popular names in the world of fashion. Rana Ashraf will be reporting from London Fashion Week, Omar Shabra and Safa Srour from Milan Fashion Week, and Adham Alsaiaari from Paris Fashion Week.

١. Rana Ashraf


اية نصائح لحلاقة الوجة تاني ممكن تنصحو بيها ؟❤️ #tiktoksalon

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Rana Ashraf is a beauty, lifestyle and fashion creator from Egypt. She has a background in architecture, but was inspired to pursue fashion. She began her journey by posting content focused on vlogs, hacks and #GRWM videos. Her growth from then resulted in her being named the Top Beauty Creator at the TikTok Awards (MENA) in 2022. Follow her on @rana.reviews.

٢. Safa Srour


😍 ح نام هلاء بس اول ما فيق رح اقرا كل تعليقاتكم 🫶🏻#whattowear #foryoupage #BeautyTok #foryou #tiktokfashion #grwm

♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依

Safa is a Middle Eastern-American fashion, beauty and health creator who aims to make a change. She uses her platform to advocate for women, human rights, and youth empowerment. While studying medicine in New York City, she began creating content about health, lifestyle, and beauty. Many prominent luxury brands have acknowledged her work, with her following standing at over 6 million followers. You can watch her do bits on @safasrour.

٣. Omar Shabra

Omar is a healthcare practitioner based in Jeddah. He is a content creator in both the medical and fashion industry. This unique niche is exclusive to Omar, who uses his platform to share content related to medicine, healthcare, and special outfit inspirations on his off-duty days. Catch him make waves at @oshabra.

٤. Adham Alsaiaari

Adham Alsaiaari is a creative professional with a passion for fashion and education. He takes pride in sharing content that showcase the latest trends and news in fashion. Adham offers tips and tricks for budding stylists and stresses on maintaining meaningful connections with his audience. Watch his content on @adhamalsaiaari

In addition to these creators, #TikTokFashion will also see Mohammed and Humaid Hadban, Yara Al Aridi, Moiyad Baghdadi, Batoul, Shoug Alebrahim, Nirvana Abdul, Farah, Maitha Abduljalil, Mariam, Ramla and Sally Dankar take to the stage. They will provide insightful commentary on the fashion shows.

The Success Of TikTok Fashion Month


As @NYFW: The Shows starts, we take a walk down memory lane and go back to our favortie NY runway moments over the years. Form Tommy Hilfiger, Givenchy, or Coach and Marc Jacobs, we picked our five favorite showspaces over the seasons. Click on the link in bio for more. #tiktokfashion #nyfw #fashion #FYP

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TikTok’s Fashion Month ventures have received critical and commercial acclaim. Throughout 2023, #TikTokFashion and #BeautyTok have seen global views increase by 300%. Last year, prime hashtags like #WhatToWear captured 1.28 billion views, Similarly, #TikTokSalon and #TikTokFashion garnered a staggering 2.46 billion and 807 million views respective.

“On TikTok, fashion and beauty go hand in hand with creativity, diversity and authenticity. It’s been incredible to see fashion and beauty creators achieve success on and beyond our platform. As we welcome Fashion Month, we are looking forward to inspiring our global community by bringing them closer to the runway, introducing unique experiences and spotlighting fashion’s most talented voices – everything that’s shaping what’s trending tomorrow on TikTok and beyond.”

– Vanessa Craft, Global Head of Lifestyle and Education at TikTok

TikTokers can expect an exciting month of programming throughout Fashion Month. Join the celebration of trends, creators, brands and moments that make fashion the appealing industry it is.