The guide to Santiag boots.

Santiag boots have been the internet’s favorite shoe for a while. This distinct style of cowboy boots originated in Mexico and transcended the practical world of horseriding and into the fashion sphere. In all corners of TikTok and Instagram, santiags can be seen paired with casual jeans and a graphic tee or elevated with a maxi skirt or dress. Their distinct design makes them the it-factor of every outfit they complete. Cowboy boots are a statement piece that adds effortless cool to an outfit.

The Santiagos haze can be accredited to fashion’s eternal appreciation of work attire. Starting as sturdy work footwear in the 19th century, these unique shoes have since made it onto the catwalks and streets of fashion capitals. Celebrities from Lady Gaga to Arnold Schwarzenegger have been spotted out and about wearing variations of the boot, adding even more fuel to the obsession.

Khamsa’s Favorites:


This iconic pair from Ganni is made from luxury leather and is a guaranteed statement piece thanks to its vibrant red color.

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٢. Nodaleto

Nodaleto’s Bulla Jane Cowboy Boots: Light blue leather, square toe, two-tone design, double pull-tab, branded insole, low block heel, and pale yellow accents.

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٣. Isabel Marant

This brown suede cowboy-style boot is a classic that can work incredibly well with denim.

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٤. Chloé

Chloé brings sleek and cool design to the cowboy boot.

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٥. Acne Studios

This pair does not look like your typical cowboy boot, but it has the design elements of a traditional Santiag boot.

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