The new collection is a unique take on the black tie dress code.

Valentino Garavani’s new ‘Black Tie’ collection is among their finest sets yet. Fashion, according to the brand, is not bound by restrictions, codifications, or codes. Indeed, it is an invitation for the imagination, being open to redefinition and reinterpretation.

As such, the Valentino Black Tie is Pierpaolo Piccioli’s visionary fashion statement. Reimagining the classic ‘black tie’ dress code, they have expanded it to include more than just the standard tie. Through a variety of products, they have set about challenging stereotypes and beliefs.

In this fresh take on the classic black tie, cultural norms are revisited. The brand’s latest collection transcends traditional fashion boundaries, liberating this iconic piece from its formal constraints. Now, it’s accessible to all, promising to inject a thrilling dose of excitement into your next black tie event.

Source: Valentino
Source Valentino
Source Valentino

The Valentino Fall/Winter 2023 Black Tie collection is now available for fashion enthusiasts. Discover it on and Valentino boutiques across the globe.

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