The Adidas Gazelle goes way back to 1966 when the German-based company decided to launch their then-only leather shoes in suede. Which back then was considered a bold-move in the sneaker world when most brands opted for a white-leathered pair. In today’s nostalgia-fueled world (or perhaps because the shoes make a great outfit addition), it’s not surprising that everyone owns one. They’re vibrant, verstaline, and minimalistic.

Other than expanding to many different colourways, the 21st century touch has to be the Gucci x Adidas collab. You know, the ones that Harry Styles is rarely seen without them.

The latest Gucci x Adidas collab just landed online a few days ago and the new Gazelle colourways feature vivid blues and classic beige GG monograms.

There is a “supposed” fact runs around the internet claiming the Gazelle were named after the US sprinter Wilma Rudolph who won three gold medals in the 1960 Olympics and earned the nickname “The Black Gazelle.” However, there are no traces of such truth.

And back then, the shoes weren’t known for their colour variety; they were only available in red or blue as training shoes. Each colour indicated their performance purpose – blue was for training, and red was for handball players.

During the 70s, the Gazelle was popular among Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and Michael Jackson during the Jackson 5 era. In the 80s, it became a sacred item for anyone in the hip-hop scene of the USA. The 90s marked its peak. A new era in the Gazelle’s history began in 1991 when a range of colours and variants replaced the functional colour coding. Soon, it became the footwear of Brit-pop stars like Oasis and supermodels like Christy Turlington. The shoe has apparently been a staple for Kate Moss; in 2016, she was an ambassador for it.

Whether you’re out running errands or too tired to put on some formal shoes for the night out, the Gazelles are the perfect stylish companion. No matter what you’re doing, you’ll look cool anyways.


I don’t think you need any further convincing. Treat yourself.

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