KHAMSA Edit: The best Karak in Dubai
KHAMSA tells you all you need to know about Karak!
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Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum hosts unique gala to celebrate their tenth anniversary
Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum marked their tenth anniversary in grand fashion.
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Eiffel Tower with Olympic Rings
Paris Olympics 2024: The must-knows before the big games
With the start of the 2024 Paris Olympic Games just around the corner, KHAMSA brings to you everything you must take note of.
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Art Hotel: Lily Of The Valley
The Lily of the Valley hotel is an artistic haven.
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South of France
Travel Guide: South of France
KHAMSA makes the journey to the South of France with Helena Devincenti.
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Psychological hunger
Psychological Hunger: Identifying and Addressing Psychological Unmet Needs
KHAMSA quizzes Dr. Chasity on psychological unmet needs.
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NH Collection Milano Touring offers a unique experience
The NH Collection Milano Touring is a hotel you must visit.
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KHAMSA Gallery: Bali
KHAMSA's travel gallery for the lush paradise of Bali.
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Travel Guide: Tunis by Rim Mahrouk
KHAMSA ventures to Tunis with Rim Mahrouk.
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KHAMSA Edit: Watches you should not miss out on
KHAMSA bring you watches your wrists should be adorned with.
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One of a Kin
KHAMSA Interview: Q&A with One of a Kin’s Nayla Haddad
KHAMSA sits down to talk with Nayla Haddad, the founder of One of a Kin.
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Colour Calls: Crimson Red
KHAMSA takes a deeper look at the enigmatic crimson shade of red.
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Saudi Events
KHAMSA Edit: Exciting Events Happening in Saudi Arabia
KHAMSA spotlights five events to attend in Saudi Arabia.
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Outdoor view of the Ānamiva Hotel
Art Hotel: Ānamiva, Goa
Between nature, art, and hospitality, the Ānamiva hotel is a hub for creative minds
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Travel Guide: Paris by Aya Mechelany
Here are our editor-in-chief's finest recommendations to tackle Paris.
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Rosemary Oil
KHAMSA Edit: Rosemary Oil
KHAMSA tells you all you need to know about Rosemary Oil.
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Trend Alert: What’s Happening on TikTok?
What's happening on TikTok this June.
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KHAMSA Edit: Top 5 experiences in Dubai for 2024
KHAMSA discovers the most unique experiences in the UAE that you just can't miss out on!
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KHAMSA Edit: Cool Tech Pieces to Own
KHAMSA brings you the coolest tech pieces to not miss out!
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Celebrating Global Wellness Day: Where to Go and What to Do
KHAMSA picks out things to do this Global Wellness Day.
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KHAMSA Edit: Eid Travel Destinations
Eid al-Adha is coming up, so it's time to plan a mini getaway to these destinations!
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Travel Guide: Dubai by Hassan Ali
KHAMSA journeys to Dubai with Hassan Ali.
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Rise Bakehouse
At the Table with Rise Bakehouse
KHAMSA sits with Rise Bakehouse 'at the table'.
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KHAMSA Discover: Top 5 “Coolcations” for Summer 2024
Summer is here, and so is the time for a 'coolcation'.
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Dine Dubai: Babylon
KHAMSA's latest feature spotlights dining destination delights in Dubai.
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Chef’s List: Akmal Anuar
KHAMSA's newest feature sees us pick chefs' brains.
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Shangri-La Hotels Joins Forces with UNISOAP UAE in Soap Recycling Initiative
Prominent hotel chain Shangri-La collaborates with UNISOAP UAE in new sustainbility initiative
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KHAMSA REVIEWS: The collaboration of Hutong & House of Negroni
Hutong and House of Negroni collaborate on some amazing experiences.
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KHAMSA Discover: A Dreamy Summer Table Setting
Our favourite items for the perfect summer gathering.
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New York
Travel Guide: New York by Noura Mutairi 
KHAMSA ventures to New York with Nour Mutairi's amazing travel guide.
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KHAMSA Edit: Top 5 experiences to check out right now
Some must-try experiences to check off your list. When one looks around, they can see innumerable experiences waiting to be savoured. Each of them comes with their own unique traits…
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Gut Health: Why is it important?
KHAMSA discusses the importance of Gut Health with Dr. Giovanni Leonetti
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KHAMSA Edit: Must-Visit Coffee Spots in the UAE
KHAMSA picks out some coffee spots to explore.
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Bottega Veneta
Bottega Veneta supports Dia Art Foundation’s Spring Benefit
Dia Art Foundation's Spring Benefit takes place with the gracious support of Bottega Veneta.
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Travel Guide: Cannes by Oriana Chams
KHAMSA touches down in Cannes with Oriana Chams ahead of the Cannes Film Festival.
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KHAMSA Discover: Top 5 unforgettable travel experiences
Trust KHAMSA to not miss out on the hottest travel ideas.
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KHAMSA Edit: Top 5 Events in the GCC Region
KHAMSA brings you the top 5 unmissable events of the region
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Los Angeles
Travel Guide: Los Angeles by Dana Boulos
KHAMSA touches down in Los Angeles with Dana Boulos.
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Harry Heal
Chef’s List: Harry Heal
KHAMSA's newest feature sees us pick chefs' brains.
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10 signs you need to detox
Ten signs that indicate you need a detox.
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Four Seasons
Four Seasons to expand in Saudi Arabia with new hotel
Four Seasons is set to touch down in Madinah later this year.
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House of Pops
House of Pops: Q&A with Mazen Kanaan
KHAMSA quizzes Mazen Kanaan about House of Pops.
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Navigating Career Burnout: Recognizing Signs and Seeking Support 
How to identify burnout and treat it immediately.
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The Healing Power of Nature: Ecotherapy and its Role in Stress Reduction
Uncovering the many benefits of ecotherapy.
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KHAMSA Gallery: Mumbai
KHAMSA's travel gallery for the bustling metropolis of Mumbai.
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KHAMSA Discover: Cool Travel Ideas
KHAMSA uncovers five travel ideas you should add now to your bucket list.
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Gaia Baroudi
At The Table With Gaia Baroudi
KHAMSA sits with tablescaper Gaia Baroudi 'at the table'.
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Travel Guide: Beirut by Farah Dagher
KHAMSA travels to Beirut, with Farah Dagher as our all-knowing guide.
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Travel Guide: Cairo by Nour Zaher
KHAMSA ventures to Cairo with Nour Zaher.
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Review: Six Senses Rome, Italy
Well-being, conviviality, and sustainability in the heart of Rome.
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Beach Pop up
KHAMSA Edit: Beach Pop-Up Takeovers
Welcome to KHAMSA's world of beach pop-up takeovers
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KHAMSA EDIT: 5 Wellness Gems in Dubai
KHAMSA's list of wellness offerings in Dubai.
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Khamsa Edit: Coffee Table Books You Should Check Out
A selection of unique coffee table books.
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Eid Destination
KHAMSA Edit: 10 Eid Destinations
A collection of the best Eid destinations to visit.
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Cool Objects
KHAMSA Edit: Cool Objects Shaping Interior Design Trends
KHAMSA showcases some cool objects to add to your living space.
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Chef's List
Chef’s List: Hattem Mattar
KHAMSA's newest feature sees us pick chefs' brains.
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Travel Guide: Riyadh by Leenah AlBakr
Venture to Riyadh, a gem of the GCC.
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Conversations podcasts youtube
KHAMSA Edit: YouTube channels that spark meaningful conversations
KHAMSA picks out five YouTube channels that offer deep and insightful conversations.
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‘Marhaba’ Brings Eminent Creatives Together
Marhaba served as a celebratory haven for creatives.
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TikTok Partners with NGOs Under #TikTokForGood
TikTok Partners with NGOs Under #TikTokForGood To Give Back To Communities Across MENA
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Travel Guide: Kuwait by Farah Assaad
KHAMSA ventures to Kuwait with the help of Farah Assaad.
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Ramadan Cool places
KHAMSA Edit: Cool Places to visit during Ramadan
KHAMSA unearths some gems to visit during Ramadan.
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XVA Hotel
Art Hotel: XVA Hotel Dubai
XVA Art Hotel is a time-travel experience.
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The Importance of Gratitude & Positive Psychology for Women During Ramadan
How gratitude and positive psychology impact women during Ramadan.
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Alserkal Avenue
KHAMSA Edit: 5 Perfect Post-Iftar things to do at Alserkal Avenue
KHAMSA explores the things to do after Iftar at Alserkal Avenue.
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KHAMSA Gallery: Oman
KHAMSA's travel gallery for the Sultanate of Oman.
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Abu Dhabi Retail
Abu Dhabi Retail Launches Fourth Edition of Layali Ramadan
Abu Dhabi Retail gears up for the latest Layali Ramadan.
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Benefit Abu Dhabi Ramadan
Abu Dhabi’s Layali Ramadan Hosts Benefit Cosmetics’ Event
Benefit Cosmetics touches down at Layali Ramadan in Abu Dhabi.
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Chef’s List: Notorious Foodie
KHAMSA's newest feature sees us pick chefs' brains.
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Dar Tantora
Shahira Fahmy and AlUla envision Dar Tantora
Shahira Fahmy reimagines Dar Tantora into a rich cultural showcase.
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Abu Dhabi Layali ramadan Michael Kors
Abu Dhabi Retail’s Layali Ramadan Meets Michael Kors
In Abu Dhabi, Layali Ramadan joined hands with Michael Kors at the stylish Café takeover.
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MAC Layali ramadan Abu Dhbai
Abu Dhabi Retail’s Layali Ramadan Showcases MAC Cosmetics Pop-Up
Abu Dhabi's Layali Ramadan showcases MAC Cosmetics' pop-up experience.
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Travel Guide: Seoul by Mina Tahir
KHAMSA ventures to Seoul and sees it through the eyes of Mina Tahir.
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Abu Dhabi’s Layali Ramadan welcomes Mirbad Ramadan Night Market
Mirbad Ramadan Night Market thrives under the Layali Ramadan lights.
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Candle Brands
KHAMSA Edit: Unveiling Our Favourite Candle Brands
Explore the curated selection of some candle brands by KHAMSA.
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Amna Al Qubaisi
Road to Liwa with Amna Al Qubaisi and the Porsche 911 Dakar
Amna Al Qubaisi and the Porsche 911 Dakar set off on a desert adventure.
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KHAMSA Discover: Top Places To Check Off Your Qatar List
KHAMSA explores some of the best places to visit in Qatar.
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Travel Guide: Alexandria by Mai Yackout
KHAMSA ventures to the wondrous Alexandria with Mai Yackout.
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Suvretta House
Art Hotel: The Suvretta House
The Suvretta House is an aesthetic and artistic haven.
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Paris Handbook
Travel Guide: Paris by Juny Breeze
KHAMSA journeys to Paris, guided by Juny Breeze's handbook.
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KHAMSA Discover: Top Places To Check Off Your Saudi Arabia List
Five top picks for your Saudi Arabia to-do list.
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Travel Guide: Milan by Atra Daniel
KHAMSA touches base in Milan and explores the city through Atra Daniel's eyes.
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Kotn introduces the Cairo Residency with Sean Brown
Kotn's Cairo Residency is a gateway to the Egypt experience.
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Dr. Deepak Chopra
Dr. Deepak Chopra to host life-changing longevity retreat
The leading medicinal personality partners up with RAKxa Integrative Wellness Dr. Deepak Chopra, the world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation, is set to host a brand-new longevity retreat…
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MENAT TikTok’s Mental Health Summit
MENAT TikTok's Youth Mental Health Summit pioneers innovative solutions and insights.
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London handbook
KHAMSA Travel Guide: London by Amar Sibai
KHAMSA's handbook for London via Amar Sibai.
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Love Languages
KHAMSA looks at Arab culture's take on the love languages.
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Romantic Dining Places
KHAMSA Discover: Romantic Places for Valentine’s Day
Travel to these romantic places for a stellar Valentine's Day.
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Valentine's Day Gift Guide
Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Khamsa Edit
The one-stop Valentine's Day gift guide, courtesy the KHAMSA team.
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Travel Guide: Casablanca by Kiki
KHAMSA ventures into the wondrous Casablanca.
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Valentine's Day
Love Unscripted: A Bold Valentine’s Day for Solo Flyers and “Situationship” Survivors
A Valentine’s Day, where self-love reigns and friendships shine As we approach the famous day of red hearts and heart-shaped chocolates, let’s veer away from the clichéd romcom script, and…
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The Lana
The Lana, a landmark of unparalleled luxury.
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Oche Fountain: Gastronomy Meets Gaming in Downtown Dubai
Oche merges darts and dinner in spectacular fashion.
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Love 3.0: A Digital Exchange
A collection of digital love exchange across the region.
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New York
Travel Guide: New York by Aysha
KHAMSA ventures into New York City through Aysha's travel guide.
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Gulf for Good
Noble Adventure: Gulf For Good changes lives through challenges
Gulf for Good aims to help the underprivileged through adventure.
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The Siam
Art Hotel: The Siam, Bangkok
The Siam represents the epitome of luxury and cultural immersion in Southeast Asia.
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Ling Ling
KHAMSA Review: Ling Ling
KHAMSA visited Ling Ling for a sensational dining experience.
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KHAMSA Discover: Must-Experience Festivals to Add to Your Bucket List
The most exciting festivals to visit and be a part of.
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Wellness Programmes
KHAMSA Discover: Hotels Offering Wellness Programmes in 2024
Immerse yourself in a healing journey with these hotels' wellness programmes.
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