The Siam

The Siam is an authentic representation of Thailand.

The Siam in Bangkok is a renowned luxury hotel, nestled along the Chao Phraya River. It is a timeless gem that epitomizes the spirit of Thailand’s capital city. Created by the Sukosol family and designed by internationally renowned architect, Bill Bensley, The Siam boasts a unique blend of classic elegance and contemporary luxury. Its serene riverfront setting, lush gardens, and meticulously curated interiors including thousands of pieces of antiques, artworks and curios from the owner’s personal collection, providing an oasis of tranquillity in the bustling metropolis of Bangkok. The hotel is fully committed to preserving Thai heritage and culture, while offering world-class amenities.

١. The History of The Siam, Bangkok

Source: Siam Bangkok

The property where The Siam is situated on has been under the ownership of the Sukosol family since 1973. Kamol Sukosol, a lover of boats, used this land as his private pier, before leasing it to a local seafood restaurant. Upon the lease’s expiry in 2005, the family was left to ponder the possibilities. The current owner, Kamala Sukosol, asked her youngest son Krissada for ideas.

Seeing the natural and pristine beauty of the location, Krissada proposed the idea of a unique hotel. Thanks to the family’s tireless efforts, The Siam was opened in 2012.

٢. The Siam’s Artistic Expression

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The Siam is a multifaceted hotel whose various aspects combine to give its guest a memorable and unforgettable stay. Among its many appealing traits is a penchant for art and artistic expression. It is replete with exquisite art and antiques and set amidst three acres of lush gardens on the Chao Phraya River, adjoining Bangkok’s must-see historical and cultural attractions.

The hotel boasts meticulously curated interiors that feature thousands of pieces of antiques, artworks and curios from the owner’s personal collection. Indeed, its entire artistic structure is closely inspired by Musée d’Orsay in Paris, while its architectural style is a timeless reflection of Bangkok’s glory days under King Rama V.

The Siam is not an art hotel of vivid, vibrant colours, but a relatively subtle colour scheme of black, white, grey, cream, and other neutral shades in their monochromatic rooms and suites. These are complemented well by materials like wood, leather, stone, and weave, lending it a natural texture and a positive aesthetic appeal. The rooms also contain framed, vintage posters, along with postcards and gramophones.

٣. Culinary Experiences

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The Siam’s Chon Thai restaurant is a hub for the finest, home-cooked Thai cuisine. It is the star attraction of the hotel, duly backed by other restaurants that offer other delicacies for a stay glittered with culinary delights. The Story House boasts a menu that showcases dishes from all around the world. Guests are also able to enjoy their dining experience right on the riverbank, in the welcoming embrace of some beautiful views. The Pier and Bathers Bar are two other restaurants that make riverside dining a truly sensational affair.

٤. Best time to visit

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The Siam is located in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world in Bangkok. Bangkok is a city that can be visited at virtually any time, but the best period to do so would be November-February. During these months, despite the location’s tropical climate, the temperature is cooler and less humid. Bangkok winters are known to be extremely pleasant, so the chilly season is the ideal time to visit the city, and the Siam by extension.

Bangkok has a plethora of top hotels and resorts one can stay at. However, the Siam’s recent ranking of No. 42 on the list of the world’s best hotels make it a place worth visiting. If you are in Bangkok, this is one of the best places to base your trip around.

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