The Silo Hotel

A museum disguised as a hotel in the South African capital

The Silo Hotel, Cape Town is one of the finest luxury hotels in Cape Town, South Africa. It is a sanctuary that celebrates everything art and design. Located near the V&A Waterfront six floors above the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa (MOCAA), which houses Africa’s largest collection of contemporary African art, it is regarded as an architectural marvel. With its rooms of shimmering pillowed-glass windows, an extraordinary contemporary cuisine menu, and a focus on Cape Town’s culture and artistry, the Silo Hotel the perfect base to discover and explore the city.

١. A Little Bit of Silo Hotel History

The grain silo that is now Cape Town’s Silo Hotel stood as the tallest building in sub-Saharan Africa when it first opened its doors in August 1924, having taken three years to construct. It was a key component of the region’s international trade, serving as an export facility and infrastructure supplier for local farming communities. It used to handle grain handling in bulk, doing so until its closure in August 2001. Years later, it was reinvented as a boutique hotel that accommodates its guests in style and luxury.

٢. A Temple Of Art

The Silo Hotel is almost like a fine art museum on its own. It boasts some incredible works of art that would make it at first-class galleries and other such exhibitions. The hotel’s commitment to artistic flair and creativity is seen in their various displays of artwork

The Royal Portfolio’s Liz Biden has acquired a great art collection that perfectly complements that of the aforementioned Zeitz MOCAA. It highlights both aspiring and established artists, and their creations grace the unique interiors of the 28 rooms available. They help draw keen interest and add a world of personality to the surrounding space.

The Silo hotel also houses ‘The Vault’, a private subterranean art gallery beneath it that exhibits some great art pieces and emphasize the team’s passion for the arts. It is a link between the hotel and local galleries located in Cape Town. Each year, Silo collaborates with a different gallery to highlight African artists. The art in The Vault is available for sale and is rotated out every six months to keep things fresh and vibrant.

٣. Culinary Experiences

At The Silo Hotel, guests are assured of the finest dining experiences. The multiple restaurants are a dive into some exquisite culinary culture, each offering its own take on what it means to dine in the best way possible.

Customers have the option of choosing from The Willaston Bar, The Granary Café, The Silo Rooftop, and The Wisdom Room. Willaston is the best venue for all-day dining with drinks, Granary offers the perfect Sunday brunch, the Silo Rooftop is for those looking for panoramic ocean and city views, and Wisdom Room is the place to be for private dining and conferences.

Silo Hotel is famous for the aforementioned Sunday brunch and its Royal Tea. Make sure to try both of these highlights.

٤. Best time to visit

There is no one best time to visit Cape Town, and subsequently, the Silo Hotel. If you are after beaches and sunny weather, December to March is the one for you. This is when Cape Town is at its warmest, with clear skies and long days enabling sun-lovers to have the perfect holiday.

April to June and September to November are also great times. During these months, the weather is pleasant, the prices are cheaper, and the crowds are lighter. Cape Town’s summer is a sight to behold, but it also brings with it full hotels and hefty expenses.

To know more, visit The Silo Hotel’s official website here.

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